10 Best Free Online Browser Games to Play Now For Free!

Getting bored? Want to spend fun boosting leisure time to kill the boredom? Play games online to refresh your mind and getting rest from the hectic and boring routine work.

With the advancement in technology playing games online become easy. And there are a variety of browser games available online that don’t cost you money and provide sufficient pleasure in the leisure time.

The attractiveness of free online browser games is that you don’t need to get in the long waiting for installing them.

It’s up to you whether you want to play online or download it.

These games run in your browser without costing you money. The only thing you need is a good computer system and the fastest internet connection to ensure the smooth running of the games. Here we will discuss the top 10 online browser games. Whether its mystery games or infinite runners, we’ve round up 10 of the finest web browser games that you must play.

10 Best Free Online Browser Games To Play Right Now

1. 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is the multiplayer billiard Pool game online. It is among the best online browser games operated by Miniclip.

How to play the 8 ball pool game

The main objects for the game are a cue, cue ball, black ball (I.e 8 ball), 7 striped and 7 solid color balls. The game is begun by breaking the set of 15 balls. The player who breaks the set has to pot any ball other than 8 balls to continue his turn. Moreover, he can choose between striped and solid balls by potting the second ball of the same series. The player who potted his 5 balls will get a chance to pot the 8 balls and the 6th ball afterward to win the game.

Features of 8 Ball Pool

  • This game has too much scope of making foul by which turn shifts to the second player. So the game should be played after knowing the rules. Acts like cue ball not hitting your ball, potting 8 ball before other balls, potting cue ball, potting the 8 ball in an uncalled pocket, Cue ball hitting balls other than yours or balls including cue ball not hitting the rail of the table. All these consider foul including the act when time runs out for your turn.
  • Your turn continues until you keep on potting your ball.
  • If you have a cue ball in hand you can move it anywhere on the table.
  • You can use spin which helps to position cue ball in a better way and prevent you from potting cue ball when it’s your turn. You can use spin by moving the red circle on a cue ball on the top of the screen with the mouse.
  • You can play this game with your friends on Facebook by sending them a challenge. If they are online they can get the challenge. Moreover, this game can also be played with any other player around the world active on Facebook.
  • Your level points and ranks displays on the screen.
  • You can also earn coins for grading up your cue and table by spin and win Scratch and win and by Hi-Lo. Moreover by spending 30 minutes playing the game and watching advertisements earn you coins. After every level up you can get the pool cash.

2. Subway Surfers

It is among one of the most famous and good online browser games that people like to play. The game is created by Sybo and is operated by Kiloo.

How to play the subway surfers game

The game shows a character that is an artist who is spotted doing graffiti on the metro station by a policeman and his dog. He then runs to escape from them by ensuring not to strike with the obstacles in his way. If he strikes with any obstacle in the way the game starts again and the player gave to play from the beginning of the level.

He can jump on the train and can use a skateboard to move faster. Also, the player collects coins, power boosters and other rewards in the way to unlock the characters. There are almost 18 characters designed for the game.

Features of subway surfers

  • Players can see level boards showing the activities of other friends and their levels.
  • Each level has three missions to complete which gives points on completion.
  • Player gets daily rewards in the form of game cash.
  • They are also some special challenges to earn special characters like Chucky boards, which is earned after collecting 100 eggs. The characters for such challenges is available for a month only.
  • You can buy different characters and hoverboards with coins you earned.
  • Players can earn trophies but it’s rare to spit them on the track. Hundreds of runs needed to achieve the trophy.
  • New character and new graphics for tracks are introduced every month in the game which keeps the interest of players intact.
  • You can also real cash to earn the expensive characters to avoid long play of the game.

3. T-Rex Chrome Dinosaur game

It appears on the system screen when the internet connection gives an error. This is an amazing game to pass the time until the internet connection is made again. It is a free online browser game no download is required.

How to play the T-Rex chrome dinosaur

A little dinosaur runs along the straight line and you have to protect him from banging into an obstacle like cactus and birds by jumping with the up arrow key.

Features of T-Rex chrome dinosaur

  • When the internet connection is lost and you try to open a webpage a small black pixilated dinosaur appears on the browser. By pressing space bar game starts and u just need to jump over obstacles to save Dino.
  • Although the game was designed to be played offline now it can also be played online.
  • As you keep on playing for one minute the speed of the dinosaur increases and you have to jump faster.
  • Points are made by jumping over the obstacles.

4. Cube Slam

Cube slam is an experimental game of Chrome. It is one of the most amazing browser game to play with friends. The game is 3D and involves two players.

How to play the cube slam

There are two screens right opposite to each other. The mission is to break down your opponents’ screen by hitting it with a yellow cube three times. But hiring is not that much easy because there are obstacles in the way which you have to dodge.

Features of cube slam

  • If your all friends are offline you can still play the game by choosing a bear as a second player.
  • With each level, the shields, gravity field, and obstacles change.
  • By earning points you can unlock power boosters such as fireballs, lasers, bulletproof shields, ghost balls, fog, mirrored controls, multi-balls, time bombs, death balls, and resized paddles.
  • Extra lives can also be earned.

5. Pacman Doodle

It was an amazing public stunt by Google to catch the attention of people all around the world. On the 30th anniversary of Pacman, Google makes its homepage logo interactive which astonished the people. They put the PacMan game on the homepage with the Google logo in it. It was a first-ever playable doodle by Google. It is one of the fun online browser games to play.

How to play the Pacman doodle

PacMan has to gulp in all the dots to reach the next level. Game is like a maze with four ghost-like obstacles to make the mission unsuccessful. If Pacman comes in contact with any of the ghost the game starts the game and you will lose a life.

Features of Pacman doodle

  • The four ghosts namely inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde have different abilities.
  • On the four corners of the maze are four pink balls that are called energizers. When Pacman eats these balls the ghosts turn blue thus Paxman can eat the ghosts. While their eyes went back to the box right in the centre of the maze. In this way Pacman earn bonuses.
  • Ghosts begin to flash when they are getting normal from the blue.
  • A bonus in the form of fruit also appears just below the regeneration box after eating a certain number of dots in a level.
  • Right in the middle of the maze on either side, you can see tunnels that allow Pacman and four ghosts to pass to the opposite side.
  • Levels become difficult as the time run short and ghosts began to move faster.

6. Candy Crush Saga Online

It is one of the most played online browser games and operated through King.com.

How to play the candy crush saga

The game is played by matching three similar candies by swiping two candies to make a row or column of three or more similar candies. The matched candies will disappear and space is taken by candies coming from the top.

Features of candy crush saga

  • Points are earned through the matching of the candies.
  • Candies have to be matched within the given moves to reach the next level.
  • Stars from one to three are given at the end of each level according to the performance.
  • When the player meets the challenges at each level, special ingredients appear at the bottom of the screen in the empty boxes. These ingredients act as a power booster and help in further levels.
  • If a player loses all lives he has to wait for some time before the lives regenerate.
  • Making a match of four or more than that will make a special candy which when matched can clear the whole row or column.

7. Spelunky

Spelunky is an adventurous game that is played by so many people around the world. It was a 2D game that was made 3D for the Xbox and play station. Now you can play it online for free like other free online browser games.

How to play the spelunky

The player goes on an adventure, exploring tunnels and gathering treasure to make points. Meanwhile, in the way, he comes across many hurdles like traps and enemies. Players jump over the enemies defeating them to make points. Also, he releases the young women from enemies in his way.

Features of spelunky

  • The player collects items to help him in the journey, these include bombs, guns, ropes, and archaeological artefacts.
  • Some items are made by combing two items, this is called the secret item and some items are purchased or stolen from shops.
  • Liberating young women increase the health of the player.
  • When the player loses all the hearts, he has to play the game from the beginning.

8. Free Rider HD

It is an interesting game to play online where players can design tracks and those tracks can be played by others as well. Almost all the tracks are designed by players all around the world.

How to play the free rider HD

Free rider HD is very simple to play with a rider either with a bicycle, car or bike travels through a track that is adventurous and strange in topography. The rider is a stick figure.

Features of free rider HD

  • The rider has to collect as many coins as he could along the track to make points.
  • When a rider falls off the vehicle, the game starts from the beginning of the level.
  • As the level increases the game becomes tough.

9. Apple worm game

Apple worm is the best if you are looking for fun online browser games. It is a kind of puzzle game that may cause panic while playing.

How to play the apple worm

The game shows a worm that feeds on apples. We have to drive the worm towards apple and every time worm eats apple it becomes longer in size. At the end of the level, we have to direct worm towards a black hole for reaching a new level.

Features of apple worm

  • By eating a huge number of apples worm can be transformed into a fly.
  • Obstacles increase with every level, making it tough to play.
  • If the worm touches its tail, game overs.

10. Slither.io

Slither.io is among the fun online browser games to play with friends. It’s a challenging multiplayer game.

How to play the slither.io

Game is played against other players that are available online. Survival is the focus of the game. You have to survive until the end of the day to win the game. First, you choose a nickname and colour of the snake to play with then the game begins. The game has a snake who becomes bigger by eating light balls and explode into light balls when touches another snake.

Features of slither.io

  • • You can make other snakes touch your snake and they will explode into light balls. Afterward, you can eat those balls and grow yourself.
  • • Score along with names display on the top of the screen.
  • • At the end of the day, the winner can inform all other players of his victory through a message.


Above mentioned free online browser games are the ones you can enjoy in the leisure time. Some of these can be played with your friends although there are options that you can play in a single-player mode. However, depends on you how and what you want to play for breaking the monotony.

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