10 Best Memories That You Have Shared With Your Siblings

Brothers and sisters share the most exciting bond with each other and no matter how different you are from each other but the thought that you wouldn’t have the other by your side kills you from inside. Despite the distance and the fights and the time constraint you still didn’t forget to shop for rakhi gifts for kids, so that you have the special rakhi thread for your younger brother.

Remember the time when you had the war of Blue vs Pink as you shifted to your new house when you shared the room with your siblings. You had this constant enmity as to which color the wall should be painted and to resolve this fight your parents settled for some color which was neither blue nor pink but some random pick from the color palette.

He was always elder to you in terms of age but never was he taller than you but still, he took this responsibility of teaching you how to ride a bicycle and at the same time he also made sure that you never fall off the cycle.

Remember how you felt when you first held her in your arms. It was a different feeling and it was hard for you to explain the excitement that you had in your heart because you had someone to play with.

When the fighting was not just enough, you made sure that you had hidden his favorite belonging somewhere just to tease him and you wouldn’t even give her until she was down on her knees pleading or ended up crying.

Even when you have troubled her a lot which had even hurt her, you wouldn’t apologize because you were too egoistic and to balance it you would give her the bigger bar of chocolate while sharing it with her.

At times just to tease you she had even disclosed some of the most awful and embarrassing secrets whenever your friends came over.

When you grew older and you were out with your sister you were protective in nature, making sure that you are the best shield for her from every possible threat. It somehow made you quite responsible at a very young age and at the same time she also made you learn that how every woman in his life should be treated with respect.

Teasing was fun when you were a small kid as she would make you eat your ice-cream as soon as possible and save hers till the last so that she can tease you and at the same time relish and eat it too.

Remember the time when there was a power cut, how she scared the hell out of you telling you some frightening ghost stories and playing dark room with you.

You always had your own set of weapons and you never needed anything more than the tv remote, pencils, slippers, spoons and whatever came in your hand.

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