10 Things You Need During the COVID-19 Lockdown

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has successfully implanted fear and terror in the hearts of the population. Since the cure and vaccines are yet to be discovered, the only solution is prevention. This why our governments are forced to issue lockdowns, promote quarantine and isolation.

People have started hoarding goods and materials for daily requirements. And why not, if we’re facing a significant lockdown we might as well prepare ourselves for it.

While hoarding goods is unfair to other citizens, collecting items of daily use that can be used for at least a month is indeed a wise option.

But the question arises: Are you prepared? You might have bought the groceries, some snacks, the toiletries, daily beauty products, medicines, and other commodities of need.

Is this sufficient for you to survive the lockdown? Well, it seems some things are pretty essential that you may require later on, during the period. Some things you haven’t been thinking about. Let us tell you about some necessary stuff you’ll need

1. Buy Face Masks

While experts suggest that healthy individuals should avoid using masks, keeping a few spare face covers at home will be of great worth. Using a fine quality mask when you leave your home is a general precaution that everyone should take.

Here is a link to get a good quality respirator mask: Buy face masks on amazon.

Microbiologists suggest that even though coronavirus particles are blocked only by the respirator masks, using surgical masks or homemade masks are still better than an uncovered face.

2.Yoga mat

The COVID lockdown has spread mental disturbance all around. Not only has it injected the fear of the sickness in our brains but also immense boredom that is a consequence of the prolonged quarantine.

Researches are to state that the rate of mental ailments has increased during this short, lockdown period. This is not surprising because people used to a daily work routine find it impossible to sit and do nothing at home for more than a few days.

An active and healthy solution is yoga.

Yoga provides relief to the mind and is an excellent source of both weight maintenance and meditation.

Do you have a yoga mat in your checklist? If not, it’s time you do. The easy way now is to buy it online, here’s a link.

3. Power bank

With people locked in their homes, schools and colleges shut down, where else to go but the internet. You have nothing to use but your mobile phone.

In the lonely time of isolation, the time spent on cellphone usage has increased tremendously. With extended time on the phone, the power drainage of the mobiles has escalated.

Are you tired of charging your phone five times a day? Is it tiring to spend a night sitting close to the plugboard? We bet you are! Do you have a power bank at home? No? Well believe us, This is the best time to buy one.

Here’s a link to an excellent power bank option you would love.

4. Board games for COVID lockdown boredom

With a lot of free time at hand, why not spend some quality family time at home? An excellent board game is an efficient means of erasing boredom and refreshing dried up relations with family members. Waste no time and quickly order a colorful and entertaining board game online

Need help in selection, here’s what we recommend.

5.Spray bottles

The use of hand sanitizers has been continuously encouraged by health professionals as prevention against contracting COVID-19 diseases. Sadly the price of hand sanitizer has reached the sky, and its availability in the market has declined.

Have the rising prices of hand sanitizers shocked you? Do you find yourself scared of the minuscule monsters in the air? Are you in need of an equal alternative? Now is the time to be creative. What you need now is to make your hand sanitizer at home!

Step 1
Learn how to make a hand sanitizer from an authentic internet source.

Keep trying until you succeed in making one.

Step 3
Fill it up in small, handy spray bottles and keep one in every room of the house.

Step 4
Share it with your neighbors.

Buy lovely plastic spray bottles here.

6.Ginger tea to fight COVID-19

At this time of confusion, home remedies for protection against COVID have gained immense popularity. While home remedies do not provide the cure, they are always somewhat effective in decreasing the intensity of illnesses.

Ginger tea is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and immunity-boosting effects. Moreover, it can fight respiratory infections and relieve stress. It has an ancient history and is accepted worldwide for its benefits.

If you’re looking for some sweet and refined ginger tea, here’s a link.

7.Ziploc snack storing bags

Are you a person who buys huge packets of snacks and cereals instead of small ones?

Do you need small storage bags to fill with snacks to nibble them throughout the day? We bet you do!

Ziploc snack bags are easy to open, safe to store, and fun to use. Just fill your bag with different snacks from your junk food stash and carry it with you to your study and bed.

Here’s a link to buy.


If you’re a mother and your kid loves chocolate, then chocolates are essential to buy during the lockdown.

Researchers are to say that chocolate increases the dopamine levels in our bodies. Dopamine increases happiness and emotional attachment that is probably the reason behind the joy you feel after finishing a sweet bar of rich chocolate.

On the other hand, if you’re a teenager and unable to visit the nearby store, due the lockdown get some assorted chocolates online, Buy now.

9.Tool kits

Now that you’re facing a COVID lockdown, you have no choice but to be the electrician, the plumber, and the mechanic. No electrician will fix the bulb for you. No mechanic will tighten the loosen screws for you.

If you’re expected to face these situations often, we recommend that you buy a small but handy toolkit.

This will increase your efficiency in facing the sudden uncalled for circumstances, and who knows it might be super fun. Buy tool kits now.

10.First-aid tool kit:

You might face little medical emergencies with your kids during the lockdown. Be sure to get yourself a first-aid tool kit, just in case; you need to treat a tiny abrasion from a fall or a knife cut during kitchen work. Buy first aid tool kit now.

11.Easy to make instant drinks

Once opened, sealed soft drinks have a short shelf life. For prolonged COVID quarantine, you need instant beverages that will support you through this lockdown. When buying groceries for a prolonged period at home, don’t forget to purchase drink mixes or slush mixes. Buy Instant drinks now.

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  1. These lockdown days are such a boring days and I lost my mind, but now I’ve many things to do in this lockdown and all of the things that you’d mentioned seem interesting. I am definitely gonna try these for sure.

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