100 Most Exciting Things to Do When Bored at Home or Work πŸ™„

Time easily passes when you are busy. However, it gets more difficult to pass when you are free.

There must be some activity that helps you pass your time with enjoyment. We have listed down 100 things that you can do when you are bored.

Try any of the following or choose your favorite ones to try in your free time. The best option can be the one which makes you learn new things. Just read the below points and choose those you like.

Mind and body relaxing things to do when you are bored

  1. For mind refreshment, a warm bubble bath is a good idea.
  2. Draw or paint something on a paper, even doodling will busy your mind.
  3. Manicure and pedicure will relax your nerves and you will feel wonderful.
  4. Search for some amazing hairstyles and try them out for a new look.
  5. Enhance your beauty by applying face masks and other beauty products.
  6. Go through YouTube videos for yoga poses for fitness. Millions of videos are available for yoga and other exercises.
  7. The power nap is one of the best solutions to keep away boredom.
  8. Writing something creative like poems, poetry or journals can be interesting.
  9. The book reading will drive you into a new world.
  10. Listening to music will break the monotony of silence and boredom.
  11. Do stretches to keep yourself active and busy.
  12. Watching movies on Netflix is another good idea. If you do not like Netflix then its alternatives are also available here.
  13. Refresh your old memories by looking at old photos and videos.
  14. Try some new recipes for baking to make delicious desserts.
  15. Meditating in free time will relax your body and mind.
  16. Watch mesmerizing sunset and sunrise.
  17. Do the detail cleaning of your room.
  18. Read books that are recommended by Bill Gates.
  19. Go fetch some snacks for eating in bed while watching a movie.
  20. Play with your pet.
  21. Think of some positive things to do in life.
  22. Write down good things about yourself.
  23. Sit down on the terrace or in the garden to enjoy the weather.
  24. Jolt down the future to do and not-to-do list.
  25. Motivate yourself with self-motivational quotes.

Do some adventurous things when you are bored

  1. Change the decoration of your room or house.
  2. Look for new and tasty recipes to try at home.
  3. Went out to explore new places.
  4. Make a plan for a trip to somewhere you never had been before.
  5. Listen to a podcast that you have never listened to before.
  6. Create a Facebook page to share interesting knowledge with people.
  7. If you are fond of tattoos then search for stylish tattoo designs.
  8. Learn new things to enhance your knowledge.
  9. Go and meet your friends and relatives with whom you have never met for a long time.
  10. Drink coffee from a coffee shop you have never gone before.
  11. Write down some adventures in your life.
  12. Enhance your general knowledge by visiting a museum.
  13. Through a party and gather all your old school friends at home.
  14. Learn some new languages for a change.
  15. Photograph interesting things with your camera.
  16. Go on a long drive see the things passing by.
  17. Increase your social circle by making new friends.
  18. Become a member of any sports team.
  19. Shoot a subjective video.
  20. Play a video game or some indoor games like monopoly, scrabble.
  21. Share your experiences with others to broaden your vision.
  22. Buy a new pet for a change.
  23. Plan a road trip at the last moment.
  24. Watch hilarious videos and laugh like crazy.
  25. Make a trap to catch a sparrow.

Do Some Productive Things When You Are Bored

  1. Do exercise in Gym or walk to keep yourself active.
  2. Design and update your resume to apply for a job.
  3. Clean your closet and arrange all the things neatly inside it.
  4. Engage yourself in a freelance or part-time job
  5. Clean places in your house that you don’t clean daily.
  6. Prepare a meal for the coming week.
  7. Work as a volunteer for an organization.
  8. Carry out research on your dream careers.
  9. Do finance planning for the future.
  10. Clean your paintbrushes and other tools.
  11. Delete unnecessary or old mails from your inbox.
  12. Join classes to enhance skills such as cooking, interior, computer etc.
  13. Set your goals both personal and professional.
  14. Go fetch some grocery for the home.
  15. Do art and craft projects at home.
  16. Get social by using Facebook or Instagram.
  17. Read the newspaper to get an update on current issues.
  18. Manage the kitchen garden.
  19. Arrange your phone data and clean its cover.
  20. Update your profile on social media.
  21. Wash dirty clothes gathered in the whole week.
  22. Do charity by giving old clothes to a needy person.
  23. Watch an informative video on YouTube with the title β€œHow-to”.
  24. List down your problems and their possible solutions.
  25. Lead a school work or any future project.

Do Some Entertaining Things When You Are Bored

  1. Watch a movie at the cinema.
  2. Save some amazing pins in Pinterest to know the latest trends.
  3. Do online shopping for yourself.
  4. Watch some mind relaxing movies.
  5. Online gaming with friends is another good idea.
  6. Add your story on Instagram or Facebook.
  7. Search for some historical documentaries.
  8. Do fabric painting on bed sheets and cushions.
  9. Take selfies with Snapchat trying interesting effects.
  10. Dance on your favourite song and sing along the song.
  11. Make plans for your dream wedding.
  12. Go through a magazine and search the latest fashion trends to follow.
  13. Stock your friends on Facebook.
  14. Search the biodata of your favourite celebrity and read their life history.
  15. Attend a musical concert with your friends.
  16. Sculpt something with clay.
  17. Join the club for interesting activities.
  18. Plan for a picnic to far off place.
  19. Enjoy rides in an amusement park
  20. Solve crossword puzzle comes in newspapers.
  21. Travel to mountainous areas.
  22. Make a Watsapp group of old friends and enjoy chit chat.
  23. Use Tumblr and lost yourself in its social networking and microblogging. Here are some alternatives to tumblr which you can choose as well.
  24. Go to the zoo with your kids.
  25. Make a video call to your dearest friends and recall interesting events of life spent together.

We hope that you like the fun options enlisted above to fill enjoyment in your free time. Choose the one you like to turn a bored moment to an enjoyable one.

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