A List Of Online Games For The Young, The Adult And The Young At Heart

There are games for young people, adults, and those who are young at heart. Whether you want to play alone, with your family or friends, there is something for everyone.

Challenge your friends or your family to friendly competitions. Some games have prize money, and you can play with participants around the world. Most games are free, and you can play them by downloading the app on your mobile phone or your laptop.

A List Of Online Games For The Young, The Adult And The Young At HeartList of Online Games For All Ages

Given below are some games that anyone can play:


This easy and popular board game has been a favourite for most Indian households. The rules of the game are simple, and all you need is a six on the dice to get started. You can play this online through a simple ludo download.

Either two players or four players can play this game. The player or team getting into the home triangle the fastest wins the game. What’s more, you can win money when you challenge opponents online with ludo game download.

There are four different home corners with red, green, blue, and yellow colours. The excitement level goes up when you capture your opponent’s token.


If you enjoyed playing bowling offline, then you will enjoy the online bowling game. With great graphics, the virtual bowling alley will give you the real feel. You can guide the direction and the speed of the bowling ball.

When you get all nine pins down, you see a ‘strike’ message flashing on the screen. Try to beat your highest score or add a player and make the game more competitive. You require the same level of skill and alertness that you need for the offline game.


Take the battle of the chessboard online with the online chess game. You can play against the computer, and it’s a game for all ages. Make the right moves and get a ‘checkmate’.

The rules of the online game are the same as the offline game with pieces like king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn. Keep your mind sharp by finding strategies to win the game. The three levels of the game are easy, medium, and hard.


The most popular game for all Indians, cricket, is something you must have enjoyed as a child or a youngster. Well, online cricket gives you a chance to play cricket on your mobile phone. Since there is no risk of injury, your age does not matter.

The HD graphics make you feel like going back to the cricket ground to try your favourite shots like the drive, cut, pull, or hook. The game follows the international rules, so before you start competing, warm up with the practice mode.

There are six modes beginning with practice and ending with five-five. Just like the real game, you need perfect hand-eye coordination so that you don’t get out for a duck.

8-Ball Pool

If you are a pool addict, then this is the game for you. This game is easier than the offline game, and you don’t need to worry about competing. Keep your focus on the cue ball and get the right break to start.

Playing with the cue stick and with your mobile device keypad is not the same, so it will take some time to master the shots. Winning depends on the proper control of the mouse.

Apart from hitting shots at an angle, you need to defend yourself as well. Create difficult situations for your opponent and take home the crown.


Your favourite game badminton now does not need a court, a net, and lighting. All you need is your phone or laptop. If you’ve enjoyed watching ace Indian shuttler P. V. Sindhu win major tournaments, then this is your chance to play like her.

Drop shots, smash, backhand, or forehand; the online badminton game allows you to play all shots at different angles. You need to control the mouse so that you don’t lose a point. This virtual game gives you the same thrill as the real one.

Dirt Bike Game:

If you love adventures, you’ll enjoy this game. This extremely dangerous sport can now be safely played on your laptop. Perform all the stunts like a professional.

Like the real sport, you must have a perfect balance. Keep your reflexes sharp and reactions like the speed of lightning to get through the obstacle course in the least time to win the game. Become an ace virtual biker and challenge others to beat your score.

Candy Crush:

This popular online game tests your matching skills. You need to match colourful candies of the same colour in a row to earn ‘candy points.’ Get higher scores with combo bonus, and removing obstacles like special candies.

This game tests your decision-making skills, concentration, and observation. You need to be fast, or you will run out of time. Are you ready for the challenge?


Did you have dribbling skills like Ronaldo as a student? Well, this is your chance to play football again with this online game. You’ve got two minutes to win, and it’s not a lot of time.

The challenge is controlling the virtual player and getting it to score by kicking, rebounding, or heading. Give it your all to score a goal and help your team win. You can choose your name.

You need super fast reflexes and keyboard-tapping skills because you can’t read the mind of the opponent. There are 32 teams from the world over you will be competing against.

Roller Coaster:

Do you ever feel like going to carnivals and riding the famous roller coaster ride? Then this game gives you a chance to relive your childhood. The best part is, along with the thrill of the ride, you need to collect a certain number of green gems along the way.

You get better with practice, and before you know it, you’ll be going home as the winner.

Enjoy Life With Online Games

Not only are these games easy to operate, but most of them are also free. You can compete with yourself or with players across the world.

Every time you win a challenge, you experience the joy of childhood. These games need skill, and you’ve got to concentrate on winning. Happy gaming!

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