Best Method to Extract Text from Image Within Seconds

Best Method to Extract Text from Image Within the Seconds

The sharing of documents over the internet has become common in recent times. Many people share data in the form of images, PDF, or other pictorial formats. 

You have experienced this many times where you get data in a pictorial format and want to get its text. This task is quite difficult for an individual to copy text from hundreds of images. 

For example, a student may get multiple images to get data on his assignment. He will have to note all the text portions from the images for his work. 

The process will take much time and he will waste his maximum time in getting data from images. 

Are you looking for an efficient method to convert images into text? Do you want to get a text from images without getting tired? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

Here we are going to describe the complete information that you will need in this section. We will also show you the best tool to get an editable text from various images. 

Image to Text Converter

With technology, the process of conversion has become easy and fast. You can get aid from tools that are designed to convert image to text specifically. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the main technology on which all the convertors work. It is the latest technology with which a tool can detect words, letters, and symbols from images. 

The tool has been programmed in such a manner that it will detect and provide you the text written on any image. Therefore, you can edit the text and use it wherever you want without any problem. 

Here we are going to guide you about the entire process of conversion step by step. You will easily understand the process and complete it proficiently. 

How to extract text from images?

You can easily extract text from images by following the 4 simple steps. 

Step 1: Upload Image

First of all, you should upload one or more images from which you want to extract text. The process will be simple as you only have to drag and drop the image. 

You can also upload a picture/image by clicking on the “Upload Picture” button. In addition, you can also copy the link to that particular image from the internet and paste it into the “Paste URL” box.

Everyone can do this task because of its simplicity. There will be no restrictions for you in uploading images regarding format because it supports JPG, PNG, and all other formats.

Also, you can upload multiple images and get the text for all of these with a single click. Once you have uploaded or pasted the target link of the image, you should move towards the next step. 

Step 2: Start Processing

In the next section, you will find an option named “Submit”. Just click on it and the tool will start extracting the content from the given image. 

Make sure that you have uploaded all images before clicking on this button. If you have left an image, then you will have to start the process from “Step 1” for that particular picture. 

Step 3: Working on the tool

The tool will start working on OCR technology and detect every patch of text. It will not leave a single portion of the image to extract the text from it. 

Whether you have a content-rich image or not, the tool will provide you the complete text written on it. The process will take a while because the tool will evaluate every image one by one. 

For example, if you are converting 5 images then the tool will work on every image separately. The tool will do this to cover every patch of image and provide you entire data written on it. 

Step 4: Copy Text 

Now, you will get the complete text of all images in different boxes. For every image, the content will be given in the corresponding box from where you can copy it. 

For example, we have used this tool for three images and got the above results. You can see that text from every image has been given in a separate box. 

Now, you can easily copy the text and edit it according to your requirements. 

This tool has reduced the workload of students and they can complete picture assignments quickly. Therefore, you should not have to worry about extracting data from images for your college work. 


The above tool will be the best in all the aspects of this image to text conversion task. It will enable you to deal with various images with a single action. 

You would not have to worry about the results because you will get 100% authentic and reliable results. The work of days has been reduced to minutes with this amazing tool.  

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