What are The Best Places in The World to Travel in 2020?

The World’s Top Places to go in 2020!

You will discover everything from the colorful beaches to scenic islands, from smoldering desserts to freezing regions, from art and culture-rich areas to ruins getting back in fighting for best places after natural disasters and conflicts, in this list.

Let’s explore your next travel destination…

Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada

Attraction: Dynamic mix of diverse neighborhood

Toronto, a center of tourist attraction is the largest city of the country where more than 200 languages are spoken. The best place to start off your epic trip is a famous landmark of Toronto, CN Tower – a detached structure, is a must-see place. For the adventure hunter “Edge walk” is a must place to visit.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is a hub of the fascinating collection with an excellent international reputation. It houses a variety of collections from different periods of time from all over the world.

Toronto features the latest musicals and arts. Many of the attractions are just at a walking distance making the city quite navigable, while for far off distances a subway system is helpful.

Fanjingshan, China

Fanjingshan China

Attraction: A dreamy climb to the world’s natural wonder

Fanjingshan – a magnificent peak in China’s Wuling Mountain Range, is the new addition to the Unesco’s broadening list of world’s natural wonders.

Now with the addition of Fanjingshan, China has 13 natural heritage places, winning the higher number of places in the list from anywhere else in the world. Whereas the United Kingdom has 4 places and Australia and the USA have 12 sites on the list.

It is an Island favoring the diverse species of vegetation and animals that originated in the Tertiary period. A rare and largest contiguous primitive beech forest and snub-nosed monkeys.



Attraction: A glimpse of an ancient era of The land of Pharaohs

Egypt is an exquisite site of temples and tombs to amaze the visitors. Upon hearing the word “Egypt” the things come into mind are the Sphinx, Pyramids and the River Nile. But bear in mind, Egypt is the home of 7000 years of the old civilization, rich heritage, and distinct history.

It has got something for everyone such as the beach lovers head to the Sinai to sit in the sun while the archaeologist enjoys the field day trip to Luxor. To get into the harmony of nature, plan a day to spend in the Siwa Oasis and Aswan.

Cairo the capital of the city is home to the wonderfully conserved architecture of the Islamic realm. The Pyramid of Giza also popular as The Pyramid of Khufu is one of the oldest and largest seven wonders of the world in its intact condition.

The Rainbow Mountains, China

Attraction: Breathtaking view of mother Earth’s colorful display

A geological natural wonder “The Rainbow Mountains of China” within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is a must-visit place in the world.

The rocks specularly painted with vibrant rainbow colors made their way into Unesco’s World Heritage Site in 2009.

The folding of the oceanic crust, divulging and distinct layers of sand and rocks, and the spectacular formation of colorful peaks is an extraordinary sight for the eyes.

Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla Caribbean

Attraction: Experience the tranquility in the blissful Island

Far off stretched strips of sand and tranquil beaches are the main attraction for the tourists. No hustle, no swarns, peace, and serenity all that there is. From the enchanting beaches of sparkling sand to glistening Maundays Bay, Anguilla is the ideal spot for the fun family holiday trips. Swimming and sunbathing is the favorite thing of the travelers at Anguilla.



Attraction: Crystal clear lakes, sparkling beaches, and Peace!

Montenegro, a land of untapped beaches, dazzling landforms, and Unesco’s World Heritage Site is worth visit and should be on everybody’s wishlist. The delight of the hike at the rocky mountains strolls along the crystal clear fast flowing lakes and peaceful evenings at the beautiful Ardian coast are like a dream come true.


Attraction: Trekking along the challenging tracks

The peace you experience here is impeccable leaving a long-lasting impression. Experience the diverse culture and values and enjoy different perspectives. Savour in the challenging trekking at the astonishing places such as the Tiger Nest in Thimphu, designed after the Bhutanese temple with the amazing facilities and accommodations.

Elqui Valley, Chile

Elqui Valley Chile

Attraction: A magnet for a stargazer

Elqui Valley is well known among both the scientists and stargazers because of the dozen of observatories. Elqui Valley is also the main religion of pisco producers. A rare celestial event, a total solar eclipse is predicted to be happening on July 2. So book your flights and don’t miss this astonishing event.

Take away

Our earth is full of majestic and magical places.

The list of favorite places is ever-expanding giving a whole lot choice of choosing the next best destination for the trip. So what are you waiting for?

Get ready and set out on a journey of a spellbinding and memorable experience.

Book the flights to the world’s best places, stay in the luxurious hotels, and let go of the worry about the hygienic food during your stay.

Whether it’s a world tour or a business trip, a happy holiday trip or just a field trip avail the best and economical flight deals. Let’s make your trips memorable!

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