10 Best Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps with Uses

Find Similar Photos
Find Similar Photos

Reverse image search engines are the most powerful and useful tools that allow users to find similar photos by adding images in these apps, then photo search engines show the results accordingly.

It helps us to find a specific image. For example, you have a picture of a celebrity and you want to know the name, you just need to input that picture to reverse image search engine then it will show a name.

There are many apps and search engines that people are not aware of, we are here to tell you the best reverse image search engines and apps with their uses.

How reverse image search works?

When you upload an image in the search box, the search engine finds relevant images by analyzing and matching images from its images database immediately.

Search engines make it easy for the people to find info or buy products but what if there’s an image and you want to recognize? In these cases, reverse image search comes in handy. The reverse image search engine uses special kinds of algorithms and ways to scan and recognize photos with facial, building, shapes recognition to help you find what you are looking for.

There are many apps and search engines that people are not aware of, we are here to tell you the best 10 reverse image search engines and apps with their uses.

List of Free Reverse Image Search Engine Apps and Their Uses

1. Google Images

Google Reverse Image Search
Google Reverse Image Search

In June 2011, Google Images presented a new reverse image search feature. Google image finder tool is totally free to use. It is one of the biggest and famous web-based reverse image search engines. It is very easy to use, you just need to paste the URL of the image or add a direct picture in a search engine, and it will give you thousands of results. The result contains all formats of data like videos, articles images, etc.

Google images do not yet give any option for mobile devices as there is no option to upload. All you can do is search for an image with the help of text (you can use the below-mentioned apps/websites for mobile devices).

Uses: It helps you find the exact image, checks copyrights, no limit of type file, or size of the image.

2. TinEye

TinEye to search for an image online

Another web-based reverse image search engine in the world of the internet. Tineye is the first who introduce reverse image technology in 2008 and indexing over 8 billion images. TinEye is created by Toronto based company called Idee Inc., It is indeed a step ahead in the technical achievement for those who want to find similar or original photos. All you essentially have to do is to upload the chosen image or provide its link either from your computer or even if using an app on your mobile.

TinEye also provides a multicolor engine. Searches to 150, a week is allowed by TineEye’s free version. If you want to surpass the search limit then you need to pay for version starting from 200 USD for two years.

Uses: It can track down illegal use of copyrighted images and provides an extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari as well. TinEye supports the format of GIF, JPEG, and PNG images. The upload image size limit is up to 20 MB.

3. CamFind

Camfind Search for Anything
Camfind Search for Anything

Camfind is an app that will also provide you with more fun. You can not only upload an image but also use your camera to test its searching ability. This app is AI-based, you know what it means? It means if you need to find any related image address, place, or anything relevant to the picture then it will bring to you with more comfort. It also offers you an option of instant sharing images on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, it will offer you with other features like Barcode scanner and QR feature, voice and text search, and language translator much more.

Uses: Instant sharing to channels of social media and it can be sent via email or MMS.

4. Berify


Berify provides similar images search from sources like Google, Yandex and Bing image search or from its own database. On the Berify toolbar, you can upload the image whether that is from your desktop computer, mobile devices or Google Drive, etc. It will then perform a reverse search on that image and find matches for you based on their algoritm.

Uses: People can use the images without permission (you can check their website for authentication or more information). It also helps to hunt down specific stolen images.

5. Bing Image Match

bing image match
bing image match

It was introduced in March 2014 by Microsoft as an image reverse search engine. Bing image match is another attractive app. It mostly works with IOS handsets and also supports many browsers. Same as others you can paste URL of photos and it will bring millions of consequences that are similar to the uploaded photo. We can see this on the google search engine but later on, it also appears on Microsoft search engine, Bing.

Uses: It helps you find the exact image which you can save and share.

6. Yandex

yandex image search
yandex image search

Yandex is an old similar image search engine but still popular in Russia. This allows you to upload images, and give you more than thousands of results which are more specific by applying filters on it. Interestingly you can use it without signing up on it and download it from any site.

Uses: Apart from finding an exact image, it does provide other sites where images have been used or posted.

7. Yahoo Image Search

yahoo images search
yahoo images search

Another free reverse image search engine to find quick and better results against the image. Interestingly, this service is more similar to google’s image but their results are different from each other. If you are using this then you can notice that its filtering tools are not hidden, but easier to use them. You can upload the image on it and also find the desired result by pasting the URL of the image.

Uses: It helps you to find the exact images as you search for and also provide links and websites where the image is posted.

8. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

pinterest visual search tool
pinterest visual search tool

Pinterest is not only the image finder tool but also the huge social media network with only the content of images and photos. Here people upload photos to share that with their friends or family, the pictures on this app are called pins. Therefore, you can find the images among the huge uploaded pins clicking on the bottom-right icon on the image you pinned. This app is compatible with your IOS and Android handset, it means you can use it wherever you want.

Uses: It provides a very easy and precise search by zooming in the image over a precise area or part of the image you wanted to search.

9. Getty Images

getty images reverse search
getty images reverse search

Getty-images is the best visual search engine, it is also known as an advanced image search. You can also search the images by using keywords that will show you the bundle of the list of images like auto-suggest for your help. It also offers you to find an image by applying its’ incredible filter options, which means you can find your exact desire image by applying these filters. Moreover, you can use its’ more extra feature but they are in-purchase features.

Uses: Helps to search for exact images as needed.

10. Picsearch


Picsearch is somewhat an alternate to google, yahoo and Bing. If you do not get the specific result on that apps and sites than you can use pic-search online photo lookup. Picsearch will give you more specific results by applying a filter on the image. Filters like image size or wallpaper size. It is easy to use, there is a simple search bar where you can use keywords to find images.

Uses: help in searching the images with tools and filters or by keywords.

The Bottom Line

If you want to find long lost friends or anyone else then you will be needing a people search engine that is made only for searching people. As the time passing, searches are becoming more personalized and efficient. People around the world know about the search engines which shows results based on the words written in the search bar. After some years we observed voice search as well. In which we just need to speak and the google starts its research.

This is also proved highly beneficial for the designers and any others to find similar images or find the original source of the photo. We hope that you find this list helpful to find related images with reverse image search engines.

Here are a few answers to question that we think you might still have.

Q: Where can I reverse image search?

A: Open Google and search for gitty-image, google image, tin-eye, etc. Then you will find the search bar where you can find the image by using keywords or also upload the image to find the desired result.

Q: Does reverse image search work?

A: Yes, it does work but depends on the search engine result as we know Google has the most huge database so finding similar images in google is very much possible.

Q: What is reverse image search in google?

A: The reverse image search engine takes an image as input and operates that image like a query and brings all the results that are related to the input image. It helps us to find specific image information.

Q: Can you reverse image search on the iPhone?

A: Yes, many search engines provide an app for the iPhone. For example, the Bing image match search engine can be used only in Apple devices.

Q: When did google reverse image search start?

A: They start this technology in 2001 and 250 million images were indexed and in 2005 this would grow up to 1 million.

Q: How to reverse image search Instagram?

A: Go to images.google.com, click Camera Icon along the search bar, upload the image from your device storage, click enter and done you will be shown with results corresponding to the pic.

Q: Reverse image search is safe?

A: Yes, Google and other search engines promise you that it is 100% secure, they can’t share your photos on any other sites.

Q: Reverse image search is free?

A: Yes, it is free you can use this feature for free and enjoy to find the desired image.

Q: Does the reverse image search give results by using keywords?

A: Yes, by using a bitty image, Picsearch, Yandex, etc. It will allow you to use keywords to find desire image information.

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