Top 10 Online Best To-do List Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you able to remember all the tasks that are standing ahead of you on the day start? No doubt you have a good memory but what will you do when the responsibilities increase? Here, the to-do list app is the only thing that can make your task performance more efficient.

No problem is there, if you are using paper and pencil to list down your daily tasks. However, things get more efficient when you can track your work efficiency as well.

Nowadays, different companies around the world have introduced to-do list apps that can track your work efficiency level and provide the report on the day end.

These apps are user friendly, easy to operate and will surely boost your performance 3 to 4 times than previously. After searching well and checking out their reviews we have enlisted the top 10 best to-do list apps for you. Please have a look.

10 Best Online To-do List Apps for Android and iOS

1. Todoist (Android / iPhone & iPad)

A very user-friendly app Todoist is perfect to keep your to-do list noted down in one place. It allows you to add as many tasks as you want and set date/time according to the task priority. When the time arrives it gives a reminder as well. It gets better to track when you divide your bigger task into sub-tasks. This app is the one that allows doing so.

⚡️ Features of Todoist:

  • It allows creating tasks with date and time
  • To divide bigger tasks into smaller ones you can divide it into sub-tasks.
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows
  • This works well as a web app, desktop app, add-on(Firefox and chrome)
  • Can be used as a plugin with Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook and much more
  • It can be integrated with Google Drive, IFTTT, Sundrive, etc.
  • Add labels to tasks and add priority levels.
  • The task can be created directly from the inbox
  • Comments can be added with timely feedback on it
  • Built-in project templates
  • Tasks and Projects can be shared with the team for a collaborative approach
  • Efficient notifications system through email or SMS
  • The contact list can be integrated
  • Project and Task tracking
  • Automatic update and backup of data
  • Efficient third-party integrations

✅ Pros

  • Basic project and task tracking
  • Huge variety of templates
  • Efficient notification system
  • Free version available.

⛔️ Cons

  • Advanced project and task tracking features are missing
  • Built-in time tracking is missing
  • Can add other people to the task but meeting management feature is not available.
  • The free version provides limited features.
  • Only 5 people can be added per project
  • Not more than 80 projects can be added.

🏷️ Pricing

  • Premium is available at $3 per month (billed annually)
  • A business plan is available at $5 per user/month (billed annually)

2. Wunderlist (Android / iPhone & iPad)


Another one of the best task management app that is perfect to use if you are working in a company or home. The flow of your tasks will easily be manager through this app. Apple has considered Wunderlist as one of the best to-do list apps for tasks management. Through this app, you may do the same routine to-do list tasks as can be done by different to-do list apps or software. Same as other apps it also has some pros and cons which cannot be ignored. These are mentioned below:

⚡️ Features of Wunderlist:

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome
  • Efficient third-party integrations
  • Users can create folders and lists for keeping things at one place
  • Lists, folders and tasks can be shared with team members where they can see the task details and work in a collaborative environment
  • Different team members can add different comments to work like sitting at one place
  • Communication through the app is efficient and easy
  • Quick notes can be created
  • Notifications and reminders feature works awesome
  • Files can be imported easily from web to this app.
  • Linking through tags make the work more efficient by linking related tasks together
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices.

✅ Pros

  • Environment setup is easy.
  • Multiple devices can be synchronized with it including laptop, mobiles, desktop PCs etc.
  • The free version is available.
  • Efficient notification system keeps alert.

⛔️ Cons

  • Not suitable to handle a highly professional environment.
  • Too basic to handle advanced task management
  • No built-in feature of time tracking is there
  • Calendar view of tasks is not available
  • Free version consists of very less and basic features.

🏷️ Pricing

  • The free version (no charges or sign up)
  • Paid version more than $4.99/month. More information can be seen through its company website.

3. Google Tasks (Android / iPhone & iPad)

Google Tasks
Google Tasks

Google task is another very authentic and user-friendly tool to manage your day to day tasks is Google task. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, etc. People who are using their mobile phones more to do their work can use this tool as a powerful solution to task management.

⚡️ Features of Google Tasks:

  • Drag and drop feature is available in Google Tasks through which tasks can be arranged according to priority
  • Very easy and efficient task management with days and dates
  • You may add a due date as well or if needed tasks can set to be repeated as needed
  • It is a product of google so can easily be synced with Gmail, Google Calendar and other related Google products
  • Additional notes to the tasks can be added to keep remember the procedure of upcoming tasks
  • Sync multiple calendars shared by different team members

✅ Pros

  • Very user-friendly interface and easy to access
  • Basic app for task management can be used for personal task management as well
  • Free. All features are available in the free version of it.

⛔️ Cons

  • Less professional
  • Teams cannot collaborate using this app
  • Time tracking features are missing
  • Very basic to use.
  • You can see only one calendar at a time

🏷️ Pricing

  • Free, no paid version is available

4. (Android / iPhone & iPad)

any do
any do

In 2012, emerged as another best to-do list app for Android. Within 30 days after its launch, it had more than 500k downloads. This app was not only admired by people at home but by professionals as well. Its subscription model was introduced in 2014. This app is now compatible with iOS, Android and windows. Some of the key features of this to-do list app are mentioned below.

⚡️ Features of

  • You may attach unlimited files to the task to get a clearer perception of work to be done
  • Notes can be created with tasks for better understanding
  • Different colour of tags can be used to set the task priority level
  • Efficient reminder system including notifications and emails
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • You can use the voice assistant to add new tasks in the list with the date (Siri, Google Assistant)
  • You can subdivide the tasks according to the timeline
  • Available themes can be customized according to the need and choice
  • Share task lists with a colleague for collaborative working.
  • It keeps focusing on the current day’s tasks
  • You may add the task to recurring for regularly repeating it on specific days.

✅ Pros

  • Task management is easy
  • It keeps focusing on a current day’s tasks
  • It contains a built-in calendar which makes it able to sync tasks.
  • Multiple tasks can be organized.

⛔️ Cons

  • Advanced features are not available in the free plan. Premium is needed to get advanced features.
  • No advanced reporting functionality is available.


  • Free version available
  • Premium is available at $2.99 per month

5. TickTick (Android / iPhone & iPad)

TickTick App
TickTick App

If you are ready to organize your day or your whole life then TickTick is another one of the best to-do list apps for you. TickTick has been designed with a vast variety of features. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, iPhone, Web, Windows, MAC OS, and iPad.

⚡️ Key Features of TickTick

  • Tasks can be added in a faster and easy way. Tasks can be added in the following ways:
    • Voice input – Hold + button and speak to add a task
    • Email to Task – You can turn email into tasks
    • Siri, Quick Ball and Widgets can be used to add tasks as well.
  • You will be notified before the arrival of the deadline
    • By adding date and time to the task Tick Tick will automatically add a reminder to the task
    • Task duration will be added that lasts for a longer time (This feature is available in the premium plan)
    • Multiple reminders can be added or deleted.
    • Location reminder alters when you are sitting in a particular area (This feature is for iOS and Android only)
    • Recurring tasks can be created which will them remind you regularly
  • Mentions what should be done next on the priority
    • Organize to-do list with tasks, subtasks, folders or subfolders
    • Smart and custom list option for watching tasks of today, tomorrow etc.
    • Tags can be added to tasks
    • 4 priority levels will help you prioritize your work including high priority, medium priority, low priority and no priority
    • Sorting of tasks is easy with this app
    • The search feature is available to locate tasks
  • All in one place feature is available which allows various calendar views and calendar subscriptions (available in the premium plan)
  • Focus on your goals with promo timer and white notes
  • Collaborative approach by
    • Sharing lists with others
    • Assigning tasks to teammates
    • View task activities
    • Keep track of list activities
  • Keep track of the time.
    • To make add more fun to this feature, achievement score will give you points if you do the task on time or you will lose points if the task is not on time.
    • Statistics of task successful completion can be viewed
    • The summary will be available through which you can see the workflow in a specific timeframe.

✅ Pros

  • Manage tasks with enjoyment
  • You can track your performance
  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Can sync multiple calendars
  • The free version is available

⛔️ Cons

  • Advanced functionality is only available in the premium plan
  • No integrations with other apps are available

🏷️ Pricing

  • Free version available
  • Premium – $27.99 Annual Plan (less than $2.4/month)

6. Habitica (Android / iPhone & iPad)


If your brain is designed with the nature of gamer than gamify your life with Habitica. This to-do list app makes your daily routine like a game. Habitica is enlisted in the top 10 list of best to-do list apps because of the features it provides. This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web. Below mentioned are some of its prominent features.

⚡️ Key Features of Habitica

  • You can track your habits and goals in an easy way
  • Earn rewards for completing goals and by being on track.
  • You can compete with other members in a gaming way and defeat them by completing your goals.
  • You can join interest groups for competing with them.
  • It provides features for social productivity and self-improvement.
  • Challenge other people for task completion. This brings productivity in task performance.
  • To-do list can be arranged in a way to get quick access
  • Create custom avatars
  • Reminders with tasks are available
  • Choose an avatar from the available characters and begin instantly.
  • Tasks can be filtered according to dates and priority
  • Task monitoring

✅ Pros

  • Manage tasks with fun
  • Give and accept challenges with fun
  • Simple and game-like platform
  • Game-like competition motivates to complete tasks.

⛔️ Cons

  • Fewer features for task management
  • Additional features unlock when a certain level is reached by using this app
  • Time tracking is not available
  • The app is not for professionals.

🏷️ Pricing

  • Free app

7. Evernote App (Android / iPhone & iPad)

Evernote is an efficient to-do list app and one of the best to use in professional environments. To manage your tasks flow and tracking the progress Evernote is very effective. Through Evernote, you may save any webpage through the web clipping tool directly to the Evernote account. Below mentioned are some of the features of Evernote.

⚡️ Key Features of Evernote

  • Project Tasks management and scheduling
  • The built-in feature of adding notes and templates help to make tasks more efficient. You can also attach notes to the task or any document as well if needed.
  • Advanced Search filters are also available
  • The app can be accessed offline as well to avoid missing any task deadline
  • Multiple teams can work on a single project with team collaboration feature
  • Drag and drop of the task is available and easy to use
  • To save any content from the website, the web clipper feature is available.
  • Document scanner will help you to bring your hard copy to soft copy form instantly and can be used later on as well. You may attach it with the task
  • This app can recognize multiple languages which are really beneficial to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Slack can be integrated for staying connected with the team.
  • Tasks can be directly added from email to this app

✅ Pros

  • Task management is easy
  • Professional interface
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • The free version is available

⛔️ Cons

  • Difficult to use for starters.
  • Many features are missing in the free version.

🏷️ Pricing

  • Free version
  • Premium – $7.99/month
  • Business – $14.99/user/month

8. Microsoft To-Do App (Android / iPhone & iPad)

Microsoft To Do App
Microsoft To Do App

Microsoft to-do app is brought to us by makers of Wunderlist. This app is a bit different in functionality and can be integrated with Office 365. There is a lot of customizations option which this app provides for scheduling and making of tasks. If you are searching for the best to-do list app then this can be one of the best choices. Below mentioned are some of the features.

⚡️ Key Features of Microsoft To-Do App

  • User-friendly interface with easy task management
  • Custom tasks lists will help you create different tasks with different colours and priority.
  • Reminder and notification system is very efficient in functionality.
  • Tasklist can be sorted day-wise to keep priority day tasks on the top.
  • Integration with Outlook is easy. A more centralized approach to task management.
  • Tasks lists can be created with subtasks
  • Data can be synced across devices
  • Tasklist can be shared with the team.
  • Collaborative working environment.

✅ Pros

  • Easy sync to multiple Microsoft platforms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free of cost
  • Office 365 integration is already available in it.

⛔️ Cons

  • Lacks powerful task management features.
  • No recurring tasks management.
  • Needs improvements on the collaboration front.

🏷️ Pricing

  • The app is free of cost for all.

9. Remember the Milk (Android / iPhone & iPad)

Remember the milk app
Remember the milk app

From its name Remember the Milk app seems like this task management app is perfect to handle personal or home-based tasks. However, it is not true. You may use it for personal as well as professional purposes. The app is simple and easy to use. It feature are mentioned below:

⚡️ Key Features of Remember The Milk App

  • Normal task scheduling and management app
  • Subtasks can be created even can be assigned to the teammates
  • Collaborative approach
  • Smart list feature is good and efficient
  • Different colours of customized tags can be used to set task priority
  • Task lists can be shared with relevant people.
  • Everyone can attach files, docs and notes to the specific task they are handling in a collaborative approach.
  • Search filter helps find lost task easily
  • Third-party integrations available
  • Themes can be customized.
  • Can be synced with MS Outlook

✅ Pros

  • Task management in-app is very easy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Third-party integrations.

⛔️ Cons

  • Location-based reminders are missing
  • No advances feature in the free version available.

🏷️ Pricing

  • Free version
  • Pro – $39.99/year

10. Things 3 (iPhone & iPad)

Things 3 App
Things 3 App

Things 3 is a perfect task management app if you want to use single-handed operations. It is easy to access and use. The interface is user friendly. Make your day managed with Things 3 and get things done perfectly. Below mentioned are some of the main features of Things 3.

⚡️ Key Features of Things 3

  • Easy management of tasks and additional checklists are available in this app
  • Tags can be customized which can be used to categorize the tasks within the task list
  • You can set date and time
  • Headings can be used which can further divide the task into categories.
  • Drag and drop of tasks is available
  • Tasks can be seen in a calendar view for a stronger hold.
  • Single-click to add a task
  • Search and filter feature is available.
  • For monitoring task management progress, pie charts are being used.
  • Reminder notifications are efficient.
  • Remind about the upcoming task.

✅ Pros

  • Easy task management with a single click
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface

⛔️ Cons

  • Only 15-day free trial is available
  • Android version is not available and its compatible with only Mac and iOS
  • The time tracking feature is missing

🏷️ Pricing

  • MAC – $49.99.
  • IPhone & Smart Watch: $9.99.
  • iPad: $19.99.

We hope that you liked the list of top 10 best to do apps for android and ios.

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