ESPN Cricinfo VS Cricbuzz Analysis – Check Live Cricket Score

Cricinfo Vs Cricbuzz
Cricinfo Vs. Cricbuzz

Cricket lovers want to keep in touch with the latest cricket news and live cricket scores of both international and domestic matches.

In the old days, the only source for getting cricket news was through television or newspapers. But as technology advanced, so as the means of getting daily information evolved.

Through the internet, people can access unlimited information regardless of the time of the day and check cricket match scores and updates.

Cricket lovers want to know every minute detail about the cricket match. From the details of cricket ground to the personal life of cricket players and their stats, live coverage of cricket, scorecards, cricket team rankings, historical matches, they want to know it all.

CricBuzz and ESPN Cricinfo are two of the famous and most favorite online sports news websites that provide you the latest details of the cricket match. They are like digital magazines open in front of you, with their updated information which updates in a realtime.

Both of these platforms are great competitors of each other and display live cricket scores differently.

ESPNcricinfo — Sports News Website


History of Cricinfo

Cricinfo is an American website that gives the latest news about the cricket world, covering live cricket matches too. It was launched by a British researcher Simon King on 15 March 1993. With the help of university students and different researchers from all over the world, he founded this sports news website. It was with help numerous fans of cricket across the globe Cricinfo was able to collect past and present cricket scorecards to keep in records.

Moreover, the software is known as “Dougie” was designed by the Cricinfo team to put in live scores of all the cricket matches around the world. The site got a significant boost in the 1990s when all the investors were ready to invest in the site because of its popularity. The place was taken over by Wisden Group, who renamed it as Cricinfo.

They relaunched it Wisden Asia Cricket magazine as Cricinfo Magazine to coverage of Indian cricket. In 2007 ESPN took over the site, and thus it is named ESPN Cricinfo. In 2018 Sambit Bal was appointed as a chief editor of the ESPN Cricinfo site.

⏹️ Unique Features of Cricinfo Website

  • You can enjoy liveblogs and see the score from scorecards.
  • Users can read articles on the exciting topics from the cricket world.
  • Liveblogs are one of the fascinating features of the site, as it keeps the fans up to date during live cricket matches.
  • Along with the live scores, bulletins narrate the turning point of the match and also put forward some off-field news.
  • To make cricket coverage more interesting, Cricinfo displays the 3D animation of scores and statistical data.
  • You can enjoy many new columns on the Cricinfo website, which includes “All Today’s Yesterdays,” “On this day,” “Quote Unquote” and “Ask Steven.”
  • People’s interaction is critical in making any website famous. In Cricinfo “Ask Steven,” Steven Lynch answers the questions of all cricket lovers.
  • The CricIQ challenge was made in 2014 to test the IQ of cricket fans. Therefore, it is also the right way to involve the people on the website.

⏹️ Unique Features of Cricinfo App

  •  Cricinfo app enables you to enjoy cricket anytime, anywhere.
  • The app offers enhanced live game experience with secure personalization options and push alerts.
  • The users, through this app, can access their favorite magazine content that includes Ask Steven columns and opinion of the game’s leading writers.
  • The Cricinfo app allows users to listen to the latest ESPNcricinfo audio podcasts.

Cricbuzz — Indian Cricket News Website


History of Cricbuzz

Time Internet owns CricBuzz, Indian cricket news. Along with cricket match coverage, it provides you the scorecards, text commentary along with statistical data of scores. It also offers entertaining videos, text commentary, and team rankings. The site also provides a Cricbuzz mobile app. CricBuzz is some of the top current mobile apps for cricket newscasts and results in India. Pravin Hedge and Pankaj Chhaparwal launched Cricbuzz in 2004. In 2010, CricBuzz started to work on a mobile app for alerting cricket newscasts and results. In 2015, GoCricket got merged in Cricbuzz.

⏹️ Unique Features of Cricbuzz Website

  • The website is known for giving instant updates of live match results and scores.
  • It delivers ball-by-ball writing observation so you can get a mental image of the act as the game develops
  • The website also has a multitude of news, articles, and opinions of famous personalities on different perspectives
  • It acts as a store of famous yet interesting videos from cricket history, therefore, amusing cricket fans

⏹️ Special Features of Cricbuzz App

  • If you favor live observation, you are in blessing since the app delivers a sharp live audio commentary in English.
  • The app alerts you of the upcoming match through a notification.
  • It shows a chart of events with their respective timings.
  • The app enables you to browse through hundreds of photos from live matches and other cricket events.
  • Cricbuzz app gives a complete view of fans’ favorite players and their stats.


Cricbuzz and Cricinfo together are the best cricket apps that you can utilize to get info on numerous cricket contests and leagues. Equally, these Competitor platforms give plenty of statistical data and analyze matches. The recent Alexa Stats are to state that the network traffic of ESPN Cricinfo is higher than cricbuzz. On the contrary, the Alexa rank, along with the global internet engagement of CricBuzz is higher than Cricinfo. Moreover, the CricBuzz app is known to be more device friendly with lower screen loading time than the cricbuzz app. Therefore, it clearly shows that CricBuzz is a winner in the race.


[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_accordion][vc_tta_section title=”Why is Cricinfo more popular than Cricbuzz?” tab_id=”why-is-cricinfo-more-popular-than-cricbuzz”][vc_column_text]While Cricbuzz is easy to understand, it does not offer detailed information for overall stats, wagon wheels and much more one needs to analyze the cricket. Cricinfo, however, is popular for its fast coverage of live cricket scores and an amazing website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How do Cricinfo and cricbuzz make money?” tab_id=”how-do-cricinfo-and-cricbuzz-make-money”][vc_column_text]They make money by selling their cricket scores to Telecom operators who send messages to their consumers to know live cricket scores. Google AdSense, the most important factor, helps this app to generate the most part of their revenue.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How do the live cricket scores websites update” tab_id=”how-do-the-live-cricket-scores-websites-update”][vc_column_text]The updates are done manually by statisticians and match officials. The updates are made according to the signal of the on-field umpire. They also take the help of video replays.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Which one is fastest, Cricbuzz or Cricinfo?” tab_id=”which-one-is-fastest-cricbuzz-or-cricinfo”][vc_column_text]With the internet speeds available today, both Cricbuzz and Cricinfo update scores at the same time. We analyze both websites loading speed from different website speed test tools, and here are the results.

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