Download Computer Wallpapers to Beautify Your Desktop

One of the first things people notice about computers and laptops is their wallpaper. The wallpaper reflects our taste and imagination. Some people put the wallpapers on their computer screens just to modify and beautify the desktop, while others use them for daily use like calendar wallpapers.

A computer wallpaper can go far beyond the purpose of offering beauty, colors and pleasant-to-the-eye look. Sometimes, a wallpaper may include calendars, logos, funny cartoons, quotations, landscapes, and technology.

Tips to improve your computer wallpaper

Do you realize how important your computer wallpaper is? It may seem very useless to some people, but in fact it can do a lot for you. Classy wallpapers can be inspiring; you can express your talent and creativity, and it may encourage you to keep your computer screen clean and tidy. We will now discuss how to pick the right wallpaper for your desktop, and how to improve your wallpaper so that the desktop looks alluring and unique.

1. Get the correct resolution

No matter how beautiful the wallpaper is, if you don’t get the right resolution of the wallpaper, it will look distorted and messy. The screen resolutions are denoted in units of pixels, e.g. 800×600 pixels. This resolution indicates that your desktop can have a wallpaper of 800-pixel width and 600-pixel length.

Perfect wallpapers should have a high enough resolution and match the aspect ratio. If your monitor has a resolution of 800×600, this means that it has an aspect ratio of 4:3 (horizontal: vertical pixels). You can check the desktop resolution of your computer or laptop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the screen resolution option.

2. Get the most beautiful computer wallpapers

There is a plethora of websites and applications that offer a free download of computer wallpaper. You can select the wallpapers of your choice from any website. There are wallpapers of different categories like landscape, 3D, abstract, photography, typography, celebrities, logos, brands, animals, funny and cute wallpapers. There are some cool and fascinating backgrounds for computers.

3. Change your computer wallpaper often

Now that you have an extensive collection of computer wallpaper for your desktop, you cannot choose one of them. Why don’t you use all of the cool wallpapers instead of using just one? You can easily personalize the desktop of your computer and use all the wallpapers of your choice. Right click on your desktop and select the Personalize option. In the wallpapers section, select all the wallpapers so that your desktop doesn’t look the same all time.

4. Create a smooth view of your computer wallpaper

You have chosen a perfect and magnetic wallpaper for your desktop, but what is it that is making your desktop so messy? Lots of icons! If you want to enjoy the beauty of your wallpaper, you need to organize your desktop to make it more clean and decent. Get rid of the extra icons and folders on your computer screen and organize the desktop to enjoy the full view of the wallpaper.

5. Use an animated wallpaper

Keep your desktop as simple as possible. If you like animation, then go ahead and download some animated computer desktop wallpaper. You can also use your screensaver as wallpaper if you have Windows 7. You can also use a video of your own by converting it into a .scr file.


You can use your computer wallpaper to change the entire look and atmosphere of your computer. You can personalize your desktop in many ways to spice up the whole look. There are a lot of stunning wallpapers for all those people who love to personalize their computer screens. Browse lots of websites and download some of the best wallpapers for your screen.

One interesting category of wallpapers is 3D; 3D wallpapers will look fantastic on your computer screen. Minimalism is also a popular style used in wallpapers these days. The minimalistic style allows you to view the artwork more clearly without any distraction. So download these wallpapers and make your computer screen more presentable and attractive. A clean and organized desktop will be more fun to use.

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