What is Hack.Diversity, Tech.Trek?

At Discover Soon, one of the things we want to do is help our readers discover the different resources that are out there for them to take advantage of. We recently became aware of a great resource called Tech.Trek.


Tech.Trek is a 3-day virtual summit that will bring underrepresented technologists, outside of Massachusetts, into the vibrant Hack.Diversity Community. This is a community of cornerstone companies, startups, venture capitalists, Software Engineers, Designers, It Professionals, and community leaders. This is a community shaping the future of Tech, and one you should be a part of if these groups of people are of interest to you.

Tech.Trek Application

The Hack.Diversity program is selecting 50 students from underrepresented communities across the country from a pool of applicants. To qualify, you should have a ~2 years of coding exposure whether from school, bootcamp, being self-taught, etc.


Who Qualifies?

  • Graduating college between 2021 and 2022 with a Computer Science degree or related technical field.
  • Preferably located outside of MA.
  • You value racial equality, diversity and inclusion in and outside the workplace.
  • You observe your community and/or lived perspectives to be underrepresented in tech — including that of Black, Latinx, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ+, veteran, and first-generation college student communities.

When is it?

Tues. August 17 – Thurs. August 19, 2021, 12 – 3:30pm EST each day.

What will it be like?

High-energy spotlights, transparent discussions, and authentic get-to-know-yous.

Where is it?

Due to COVID-19, this event will be virtual and take place virtually.

How to apply?

Learn more about the program and submit your application before May 4, 2021.

How much does it cost?

The program is free.

What is Hack.Diversity?

Founded in 2016 in Boston MA, “Hack.Diversity partners with the city’s fastest growing tech teams to identify, develop, and equip high-performing talent — who predominantly identify as Black or Latinx — to launch careers as software engineers, IT professionals and data analysts across the innovation economy” 


This is an opportunity for you to build your network, find career prospects, and build lasting relationships for future success in the Tech Industry. Learn more about the program and submit your application before May 4, 2021.

Please let us know if you applied to the program by sending us an email to hello@discoversoon.test. We may receive an incentive for each person we get to apply. Thanks!

This post is NOT sponsored by Hack.Diversity.

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