Know Your Bones – Why Orthopedic Surgeon Is Important For A Healthy Living?

When it comes to choosing the best orthopedic surgeon, the choices you get are very limited in Pakistan. Not only orthopedic surgeon, but other such specialists with a complete and successful medical track record are hard to find. However, the medical history and expertise come next, but the main factor to ponder is why someone will need an orthopedic surgeon or specialist is important – and, why you should consult them in the first place. Your body is made up of 206 bones as an adult, while there are about 270 bones in a child. Each and every bone plays an important role in setting up your posture, physique, and other body movements.

In case, any particular ligament, bone, tissue or muscle start hurting – then your body will need an immediate session of therapy or surgery. This could involve various medications as well as physical exercises. Thus, an orthopedic surgeon or doctor will be the best to handle such a case. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss this field of the medical branch in detail for those readers who are confused about the procedure or have yet to choose the best orthopedic in Lahore.


This branch of medical specialization is able to carry non-surgical as well as surgical requirements for taking care of your musculoskeletal system. This can involve, and may not be limited to:

● Spine treatments or diseases
● Musculoskeletal trauma
● Sports injuries
● Congenital disorders
● Degenerative diseases
● Bone, ligament, tissue or muscle related infections
● Certain tumors

All of the above, fall under the best orthopedic surgeon’s specialty and expertise. The doctor will need to take a lot of tests, x-rays, and therapies to ensure the well-being of the patient. Further, the orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the treatment after studying the medical history of the patient to ensure the damage to the bone or body can be as minimal as possible.

What Does The Procedure Consist Of?

An expert orthopedic surgeon will always want to suggest surgery as the last resort. Because of the expert advice, patients usually get well with a timely planned medication or therapy. The decision to undergo the knife is solely based on the severeness of your case. An expert orthopedic surgeon will always recommend using natural resources for pain management. But, if the case is severe, and needs immediate resolve as a surgery – then they’ll opt for it. A lot of patients in Pakistan think that it is not at all important to visit a doctor within every 6 months to ensure that the body is functioning properly. This in return, makes the situation worse for the body as well as the doctor and surgeon. Whereas the World Health Organization has always stressed on periodic medical assessments to ensure if any functioning of the body is losing track, it can be cured immediately. Thus, it is highly recommended to visit your family doctor over a period of 6-months.

When Do You Need To Consult An Orthopedic Surgeon?

Medically speaking, as soon as you face an injury or feel pain in a specific area for a continuous period – you should immediately consult your doctor. However, as medical understanding is still underdeveloped, people in Pakistan try to opt for alternates that are risky and life-threatening. Mostly they try to do home remedies for curing diseases or injuries that need to be treated by a specialist. This practice is reliable only to a certain extent. And, can be highly dangerous for injuries or diseases that may need expert treatment. In case of an orthopedic-related consultation, you should seek a surgeon with proven medical history and track record of successful procedures.

Does Arthritis Fall Under An Orthopedic Surgeon’s Expertise?

Every year arthritis expands in women in Pakistan. Especially, the ones with menopause need to consult with an orthopedic surgeon or doctor to ensure that the condition does not worsen. Further, if it is osteoporosis or brittle bones – then also you should consult with a specialist immediately. The doctor will help you to strengthen weak muscles or bones. Further, the surgeon can also recommend joint or muscle replacement or welding for bone grafting.

This procedure can also cater to birth defects within the bone formation and much more. Sometimes, if the need is there, an orthopedic surgeon may use various metal-related plates, screws or pins to hold the bone in place. This allows the body and bones to heal properly and take the natural shape of fixation of bones according to the human anatomy. They might also recommend cutting the bone to fix deformities within the body.

What About Knee And Back-Related Issues?

Physical therapies such as chiropractic can help you to reduce pain and do natural pain management. But, like we stated above, this form of treatment may or may not help a certain bone or musculoskeletal related issue. It is not necessary that an orthopedic surgeon will always stress on going under the knife to treat a small problem.

Mainly, they’ll emphasize doing physical therapies or chiropractic sessions. However, if a kneecap has to be replaced or a bone needs to cut – then definitely it will need a surgery. Whereas, sciatica, scoliosis or ruptured discs may be treated with a surgery or specific medication.

An orthopedic surgeon will be the best to make a statement on the next call-of-action for further course of treatment for such medical conditions. No matter how worse the condition may be, but with a proper checkup and a balanced diet – all can be under control in no time.

Worried About After Effects Of Surgery?

When an expert surgeon operates, the chances are minimal of danger. And, this allows the patient to rejoin normal or day-to-day activities within a very short timeframe. Most of the time, an orthopedic surgeon will need you to follow certain medications and therapies to bounce back to normal routine.

However, with elder people, this will take a minimum of 3 to 4 months time to get up and walk. And, a certain time frame will be added to follow up on monthly or bi-monthly bases. This will allow the patient to bounce back to a healthy and fit lifestyle quite soon. Stay tuned to get more health-related discussion in our upcoming orthopedic blogs to help you consult with the best orthopedic in Lahore.

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