Is Kuji Cam App Good To Use?

Today we’re going to have a look at a cool android app called Kuji Cam. Basically, Kuji Cam is a Photography android app made by GinnyPix.

This app is available free but once you buy an update to the Kuji Cam premium version, you can unlock so many astonishing filters.

But if you want to try these before purchasing, you can still preview these locked filters in the free version, to get an idea of what more you can enjoy after you buy the premium app.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Kuji Cam

Now you may be wondering what makes Kuji Cam special. Because nowadays, there are a lot of camera apps for Android. With so many more apps like these, what really sets aside Kuji camera from other image-editing apps is it’s easy to use and learn user interface.

With Kuji Cam you can easily capture the image using either the in-app button or volume keys. Another really amazing thing about Kuji cam is that you can apply filters before you take the shot, giving you a preview of what your image will look beforehand.

Thanks to the numerous filters Kuji Cam offers, your photos can be transformed into successful shots with a simple tap.

Because the quality of the photos is highly dependent on the app used. Kuji Cam premium overcomes this problem with its preloaded modes and over 100 filters some of which can be fixed in advance and make post-processing superfluous.

In retrospect, photos can be edited in many ways, decorated with ornaments or other backgrounds. With Kuji Cam you can not only create photos but also videos, collages or GIF images that can also be edited. Registered users of Kuji Cam also have the option to save their files in a cloud account, which is set up via the app.

This is a handy solution if you are using multiple Android devices. But this can not replace Google Photos or iCloud, yet it is a great option to have.

In the free version of Kuji Cam, you can pick from 4 filters; Kuji, KD pro, Vintage and black and white. You can have a date stamp which shows exact date and time, change format and year for the date stamp, alternate between front and back camera, give a 3D effect to your images, apply self-timer of 3 and 10 seconds, apply random light leak filters and import images from your phone to customize.

Final Verdict

Compared to the Kuji Cam premium version, the free version gives you only half of everything the Kuji Cam can offer.

So we highly suggest you download the app from the Google Play store for free and upgrade it to premium to enjoy the fabulous retro-camera experience on your own phone.

When it comes to iOS, GinnyPix just recently released its iOS version to App Store but it is still nowhere near perfect as the Android version because it has some annoying glitches.

But we’re pretty sure that in the meantime the developer will fix these issues and release a stable version as they did for Android. If you’re an iOS user but still eager to try Kuji Cam, then you can download the current beta version from App Store.

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