Top 10 Mobile Ad Networks Offering the Highest eCPM

Mobile devices are very commonly used these days. Their usage is indispensable throughout the globe due to a number of reasons.

With the increase in the number of users of mobile devices, the number of individuals accessing the internet has also been surpassing since long.

The industry of ad tech responded to such a change by launching multiple mobile ad mediation networks and platforms. However, this is a challenging task to find a reliable ad network.

In fact, it is almost impossible to suggest the absolute best of all the ad mediation platforms.

Each network has its own setups, advertising demands, app verticals and ad units.

The advertisers and publishers can choose the best network by testing it, optimizing it, and finding the ad network offering the highest eCPM.

To make the choice of some of the most reliable mobile ad networks that offer the highest eCPM, a list of top mobile ad networks has been shared below:

1. AdMob – Extending the App Business

AdMob is one of the best mobile ad networks offering the highest eCPM values. It offers almost perfect functionalities and easy integration of apps. For those who are considered to be the beginners in the in the mobile advertising industry, AdMob is the best option to choose for your mobile ad mediation.

The main advantage of this platform is that it is very simple to integrate and the users can easily select the features and tools that they wish to use. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms for ad mediation.

2. EPOM – A Global Ad Network

Epom is a popular advertisement serving company providing reliable technical support all day and every day covering the media planning, inventory management advice, tech issues, etc. The mobile platforms that it supports are both iOS and Android.

The types of campaigns that it supports include CPM, CPA and CPC. It supports the ad formats including interstitial, native, background, video and banner.

3. Leadbolt – A High Performing Mobile Ad Network

Leadbolt is a well-known Australian company for In-app monetization and User acquisition. It offers a number of neat features including the feature of App Wall. Leadbolt allows the users to get the integration of Leadbolt advertising to their apps without any SDK or sometimes by just a single line of code.

It also lets the developers who have a single platform to control the apps and check the analytics. The application engagement statistic measures the engagement of the users into the app.

In this way, the developers can optimize and keep up the balance between the ads shown and the app. As a result, the number of ads does not become a significant cause of user engagement loss.

Another important feature of Leadbolt is that it lets the publishers come in contact with the premium partners for advertising directly due to different reasons. They include the marketplace for making direct deals, increased levels of eCPM and high fill rates.

4. ConsoliAds – An Intelligent Programmatic Platform for Ad Mediation

ConsoliAds is one of the best platforms for mobile ads mediation and their promotion. The apps and/or games of the users can be monetized and advertised in a very effective way through ConsoliAds. Twenty percent instant increments in the revenue have the guarantee by ConsoliAds as compared to the other mobile advertising platforms.

ConsoliAds monetizes the user apps in a reliable way and it makes each and every impression count. It lets the users get the greatest eCPMs from all over the world by making use of multiple non-intrusive mobile advertisement formats without creating any disruption in the user experience. These things make ConsoliAds one of the top mobile ad networks.

5. Smaato – Real-time Advertising Network

Smaato is basically a real-time platform for advertising that is known globally. It is meant for app developers as well as mobile marketers. It offers the app developers and publishers to use a mobile-first advertisement network as well as an advertisement server solution.

This platform is known for hosting the greatest independent mobile advertising exchange and offers a global reach. There is this Smaato Demand Platform for the advertisers that has advanced features for traffic optimization. The publishers are allowed to yield high eCPMs, achieve increased fill rates and a lot more.

6. Airpush – Bootstrapped Mobile Advertising Network

Airpush is a highly popular mobile advertising platform. It is famous for its rich portfolio as it serves a massive number of clients across a wide Android segment. Airpush is an in-demand and one of the highest paying mobile advertising platforms. It offers rich media ads that offer high eCPMs, therefore Airpush has a lot of advertisers in its credit

7. Chartboost – Mobile Game Monetization Platform

It is a leading mobile application and gaming audience network in the relevant industry. More than 300,000 games are utilizing the SDK of Chartboost. The feature of ad exchange lets the publishers access a wide audience of mobile gaming, ai-app advertisements for monetization and real-time bidding.

The platform of Chartboost is supposed to be dynamically optimized for helping the publishers to get more revenue as well as high eCPMs.

8. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is another amazing mobile ad mediation platform. It helps the publishers who want to integrate video advertisements in their games for maximizing the revenue and improving the user experience.

Unity Ads lets the users enjoy the highest revenue/user out of all the video ad networks. This platform focuses to increase a user’s lifetime value rather than just fill rates and the values of eCPM.

9. InMobi – Providing Enterprise Platforms

InMobi is one of the most popular Mobile Ad Network. There is an advanced advertising delivery system. It serves the most relevant advertisements in accordance with the mobile web page’s context.

The platform is also famous for offering its users one of the highest CPM ads. The analytics dashboard is always there, so the users can always monitor the ad performance.

10. MobFox – In-app Advertising Platform

This network is different from other advertising platforms as it offers its users more than thirty integrated networks; they do not require SDK.

The publishers have the option to integrate a number of advertising formats by using a single SDK. Moreover, it offers industry-leading eCPMs and the publishers get higher revenue shares. MobFox gives a wide range of services to the advertisers as well which includes a platform of data management for the analysis of the audience.

The different features including the eCPM value, control panel, and other analytics are vital. They are the standards for choosing the best mobile advertising platforms today.

However, before you choose the platform for your app mediation, it is important to compare the available networks and select the one that sets your needs in the best way out of the top mobile ad networks.


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