35+ Local Business Listing Sites List for Pakistani Business

These Pakistani local business listing websites are updated, high authority (Moz Domain authority, Page authority), Good Alexa rank, and Unique IP Addresses. You can submit your business details on these websites for free.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information…The list you provide is very helpful for SEO. I have been doing SEO of a website for more than 5 years. Please also post the social bookmarking sites list for Pakistani business websites.

  2. Good Work on providing and updating this list of business sites. It made things easy while listing locally.

  3. I am a wholesaler in Karachi, and I didn’t get enough time to promote my business online. But because of these list seems easy for me to submit my business information to these websites so more buyers and vendors can reach me directly. And due to corona markets are closed so I can take the benefit of this by promoting my business online in Pakistan. Thanks for providing such a great list of these Pakistani business listing sites.

  4. I was looking for such a list for my new business which is located in Bahria town Peshawar.
    And I found such an amazing platform. Thanks for sharing these sites for our business.

  5. The list comprises good DA PA Pakistani web directories for all businesses. Thanks for updating the list on a regular basis as all of them working perfectly.

  6. Hi, I have been looking for some of the local business listing sites to grow my online business. From this list, I have got very useful links. Thanks for sharing this helpful list.

  7. Good work discoversoon! I read the article in detail and went through the given links. The list is very helpful.

  8. I was looking for some local business listing websites with good Alexa rank and unique IP Addresses. This list has helped me a lot.

  9. All of these Pakistani business listing sites are very relevant and high authoritative. I have posted my business details on these websites but my business is not live.

    1. Dear Najma,

      Thanks for posting a comment. Few business sites approved instantly but mostly business submission sites take some time for the admin approval, they only approved relevant and authentic business on their websites.

  10. Please Suggest me more listing websites for my business in Pakistan. And if you can find Pakistani business sites lists based on Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Sialkot and multan that would be really helpful for us. Thanks

    1. Dear Nida,

      Already we find these Pakistani business sites manually and you can find Islamabad and Lahore related business sites in this list, moreover, we are trying to find more relevant websites and whenever we find we update this list.

  11. Thank you so much for providing us this list. It is a very useful collection. I will definitely use these sites to submit our business information with my team.

  12. Along with the list of Local Business Listing Sites Thanks for sharing the Alexa Global, Alexa in PK, DA, PA and the IP Addresses. It is very useful information.

  13. Thanks for sharing. Finally, All of these sites are active and working properly and free of use. I am using these sites for my client’s websites and got amazing results.

  14. Thanks for sharing these sites list. I have found another relevant website which is PostOye, one of the best websites to get my business more visible.

  15. I have been making research about the business listing sites. The list that you have shared really helped me in my research.

  16. Finally!!! I found the list of Pakistani business sites after a lot of research and I wonder what all of these websites are relevant and working fine. Thanks!

  17. This is the best article I’ve read this year. Serious gold
    I really enjoy every blog here tremendous!!!! These local business listing sites seem to be very helpful.
    I will check them in detail.

  18. Please also share the lists of business listing sites for other countries as well. For me, UK and Singapore would be really helpful because I am associated with these two countries.

  19. Can you also share a list of business listing sites for some European countries like Germany and France? thanks

  20. There are a number of business listing sites that I have used including YouTube, Yelp, Instagram, Trip Advisor, Twitter, etc. The websites that you have mentioned in the list are also very useful.

  21. This list of local business listing sites is amazing, Thanks for sharing!
    I follow almost all of your posts.

  22. I am running garments wholesale business in Shah Alam market, and I was worried to promote my business online. Now I can promote my business in Pakistan by using these sites. Thank You so much!

  23. Hi there – Can you send me a list of companies that are in Pakistan who deals with b2b contact’s list globally ?

    1. Dear Gavin,

      We’re trying to collect these sites list and hopefully, we will update in the next week. Keep visiting our blog.

  24. That’s the best business websites that we were looking for our real estate/property business. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  25. As we didn’t know that how can we promote our business online without spending money on paid advertisement, but with the help of these websites list that you’d mentioned above we listed our business in these sites are we’re getting inquiries.

  26. thank you so much for sharing these Pakistani business listings I need more high DA/PA local listing sites for my business if you have any then please update this list and add more sites.

    1. Prefect sites for SEO as well to generate relevant and high quality back links, thanks. Kindly add more site mate.

      1. Dear Hamza,

        Thanks for sharing your review. Whenever we found any relevant business websites we will add it in this list.

  27. Great business sites list, I run a painting contractors business and will submit my business details to these.


  28. Indeed here you shared just amazing list of Pakistani Business listing sites. I think the business listing is the strong backlinks compared to other submissions like blog comment and directory submissions etc. These days it is very important for every business. Although thanx for sharing.

  29. Few websites in this list are not working and did not allow to create accounts. Can you please update it?

    1. Dear Ahsan,

      Thanks for your feedback, We have the updated list and we will release it very soon.

      Stay tuned.

  30. Thanks that was exactly what i was looking for a perfect mix of high and low domains just the way google prefer it. Once again thank you 🙂

  31. I was looking for some local business listing websites in Pakistan with good Alexa Ranking. I got the required information from your article. So thanks a lot!

  32. I would say the best ROI for your time is going on the local directory sites that get a high amount of traffic, are seen locally (at the very least within Pakistan) and if your business wants to get some SERP/SEO benefits, look for sites with a high domain authority that offer a link back to your site. And I am very glad that only discover soon provides all the traffic rank and domain rank matrix with these sites. Thanks, team.

  33. That is a brilliant, very comprehensive Pakistani business sites list! Almost every site is working perfectly. Thank you!

  34. All of the above-mentioned website links are really good. I visited all of them. However, I would suggest you share some more, well managed and stabilized B2B websites in Pakistan.

  35. This is a useful article. Currently, I am running Bit Links Tech. So I got some ideas about various things. Its helpful.

  36. Thanks for sharing the list of local business listing sites in Pakistan. Can you please also share Fire Fighting Companies in Pakistan Data?

  37. I think I have used 10 of the business listing sites from this list. I am gonna use the rest as well. Appreciated work!

  38. I as marketing manager finding a list of web directories since Last 2 hours finally i found this blog and now. I am using this blog and i am going to bookmark it

  39. Hi, thank you for sharing the list of local business listing websites. I have used only yellowtimes.com from this list. I will try all the other sites from this list and will share my feedback soon.

  40. All of these pakistani business sites are working fine, finally there is someone who collect and provide these sites to users for free. Thanks discover soon team.

  41. Thank you for sharing the local business listing sites list; all of the sites are working and are perfectly relevant.

  42. I as a marketing manager finding a list of web directories for the Last 2 hours finally I found this blog and now. I am using this blog and I am going to bookmark it

  43. Thanks for sharing the list of local business listing sites. Can you share some content about each website so that the readers can see the summaries of each side? It will be time-saving for them.

  44. The best Pakistani local business directories list, I just love it! never seen before, here is 1 more directory, it’s free, easy and instant approval directory and that is JSDrectory.

  45. Thanks for sharing these sites list. I have found another relevant website which is PostOye, one of the best websites to get my business more visible.

  46. Finally, I found the list of Pakistani business sites after a lot of research. But most sites are not existing in add listing please give me the new sites sheet.

    1. Hello Bilal,

      Thanks for taking in our knowledge. Can you please let us know which sites are not working? Because we have checked it most sites are working perfect and relevant.

      1. These sites that you have shared are really good. I also have a business listing site of my own. But I am still working on it. I will share its link as soon as it gets completed.

  47. I really appreciate your efforts. I am also running a SEO agency, And I also use frequently these kinds of important treasures for my local clients.

    You did really a very dedicated and Researched based Job!!!

    Hats off 🙂

  48. Oh, Thank God I Found It. Thanks For Sharing. This is the real Pakistani Citations Site For Increase DA-PA.

  49. This is a list of Pakistani websites. But why not provide a complete list of all websites in Pakistan. is it possible.

    1. Dear Tanveer,

      Thanks for the compliment. We have collected these sites after a comprehensive research.

      We will definitely add more relevant local Pakistani business sites in this list.

      1. I am surprised to notice that one Pakistani Business Directory has not appeared on your radar during research. That is atyourservice.pk Its global Alexa Rank is 431,260 and in Pakistan, the ranks are 5,583 as on today 10 Aug 18. Please reply to remove any doubts about being biased driven by your commercial interests.

    2. Dear Tanveer, May you be in peace!
      Friend, tell me how can one gather ‘ALL’ the websites of any country? I mean take it easy, its not even possible and even though if you get 1 lac directories, will you be able to submit your business or create a link through all of them?
      Understand wise, We, Pakistani are far behind in this big ground of SEO, many of the ‘most reasons’ are made by ourselves, don’t mind my words I’m talking about myself even, don’t just rush for backlinks specially, although I would recommend rushing for anything most of the times hurt.

  50. Thanks for the list of Local Business Listing Sites in Pakistan. I will definitely share this with my friends!

  51. One of the ways for the local businesses to be found by online searchers is by getting included in business directories. For that, these websites are very important that you have shared.

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