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We all have the obsession nowadays with all the cool stuff but hard to afford that because it’s hard to save money and do expensive binge online shop. I recently started creating some cool things in life which include all the cool stuff. It wasn’t easy because it’s expensive to buy brand new stuff and then when you get over it you can’t throw your £10. So here are some ideas on how you can spend and still save your money.

Pinterest made blogging easy:

Using Pinterest all the time made me realize that I’m all about blogging. More important thing is to get inspire first I usually don’t do much with my things but I do check on my inspiration list. Creating inspiration boards and pin the things you like the most. Pinterest is the easiest way for everyone to find everything from fashion to cooking.

Money saving tips:

As a blogger, we all want to look trendy but it doesn’t mean to spend way more than you need to. These tips might help you saving half of your pocket money or salary.

  1. Start writing from your budget, spend only on the things that you need i.e. you need to buy the course book but you want to buy the other novel too. So spend on your needs instead of your wants.
  2. Treat yourself every month with anything, it can be a novel or some new accessory you want to buy maybe. It’s good to feel that you’re spending on yourself too, that doesn’t mean to fill your shopping cart with all the junk and unnecessary stuff.
  3. Start keeping a check on where you’re spending most of your money and stop going there. Maybe you’re buying way too much expensive coffee every morning although you don’t need to the sake of your blogging profile you want to share that.
  4. Start making some DIY’s at home so it will warm you twice. Put your real effort instead of money so you’re able to feel good about whatever you’re doing.
  5. The more you go into walk-in shops the more you spend. I prefer only to go into shops unless it’s not available online. Online shopping is the easiest way to stop spending extra money on things.

Shop online:

Online shopping has made life easy, we all shop online at least once a month. This a good habit actually but we don’t have to spend all the money on this, there are some websites available that offer a quite good price range.

Why is comparison important?

The comparison was never a thing for me until I jumped into this website. I found that sometimes I order stuff that is more on the pricey side than it should be and sometimes its way too low so this was the only way to find if I am actually buying the original stuff. Low price means it’s not original and we all spend money on the thing we really want to keep. Adding this into a shopping procedure made my online shopping easier.

Recently it became a habit of mine to check all the prices and compare my stuff before buying it online or even from shops. In UK Price Comparison is the new way to find the best prices straight from the sellers. From makeup, books, accessories, household, everything is available on this website.

Blogger: Atif Mallo

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