Interesting Facts About Progressive Web Applications (Ultimate Guide)

A Short Summary – In this article, we will look into PWA – The present and future of Technology and Innovation. You’ll get to know the astonishing features of PWAs – making the user app experience smooth and reliable.

I was thinking to change my room decor. I asked many of my friends about ideas to give my room a new look, their answers were not much satisfying. Being balked, I decided to head to the ultimate solution provider – Google. I typed “Cool Room Renovation Ideas” and I was provided with plenty of results.

I headed for the first link, and in a blink, I was on the site with a plethora of images according to my choice. I started liking the ideas and kept on scrolling – but then something happened – a pop-up was on my screen saying “Install App“. Being stubborn, I just decided to ignore it and keep going with my hunt for the best ideas. As I kept going, the pop-up just moved to the bottom of the screen, making me bit annoyed.

I searched for more images and again went for the first link. Now to my surprise, whole content loaded in few seconds in full screen and my scrolling experience was so smooth. I felt like I was surfing on some App store installed app. There was no installation banner. To my wonder, when my internet gave up, I was still able to keep on going with my search. I was even getting notifications for my saved and liked images.

Now, this type of experience is qualified as smooth and faster. And FYI, my room is renovated and is a sight for eyes.

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps are the recent innovation in technology. PWAs are an escape from the App Store.

Progressive Web Apps are steady, swift, enhanced and completely accessible on the web.

Now allow me to take this quest further, and introduce you to the features, which have given PWAs such popularity in just a short time.

Features of Progressive Web Apps

Now you know from where this progressive comes in PWA(for me that’s quite the case). But to be clear, PWA works for EVERY BROWSER, yes, regardless of what device you are using, on which browser you are surfing.

Connectivity Independent

PWA is equipped with service workers technology, enabling these apps to function with flaky networks or even offline.


One more benefit of being built using service workers tech, PWA is always up-to-date and fresh.


PWA fits any screen ( be it a tablet, mobile, pc or laptop) giving you an escapade from tilting you phones over and again.


Served on a secure channel with HTTP, PWA is safe from third-party interference.


PWAs allow content searching through search engines, making them search optimized.


Now you are a notification away from new information related to your searches. Whenever there’s new content available, PWA will notify you instantly.


Suppose you search on a web, and go to a link, and it shows a pop-up saying Add to Home Screen, now this is a PWA, which will be added to your home screen upon your permission and lets you visit it over and again without the need to install this app from any app store.

Yes, surfing an app has become this much easier…


As the saying goes Sharing is caring. Now sharing is much easier with PWA as all you have to do is send a brief link.

Qualifying Criteria

Microsoft seems quite careful about PWA and announced criteria to qualify a web app as a PWA.

  • The site served using HTTPS
  • The site has a valid web manifest file
  • The site must have a registered and working service worker

However, these points are not the only points for a site to be a PWA. There is still a fuzzy criterion that must be fulfilled.

Apple states, for a site to be PWA, it must be an app-like, which is still quite unclear. Google has also released a checklist of items for Progressive Web Apps.

Developing Progressive Web Apps

Whether you are a newbie or an expert in coding, whether you just started your business or you are an old fish in the pond, there is always room to take your expertise and business to next level.

All you need to have quite some comfort in HTML and CSS and a modest hint of JavaScript will do the magic.

Developing Progressive Web Apps is a good start to go!

Who is using PWA (Examples)?

If you are still confused and want further reassurances to select PWA approach for your sites and businesses. I, hereby, present you some of the top guns in the PWA industry.


Pinterest recently adopted PWA and now their user engagement increased seemingly quite faster.


Forbes has seen a 100% increase in user engagement for their articles.

Flipkart Live

One of the largest e-commerce sites of India’s has successfully converted 70% of users. Flipkart PWA

Ali Express

Ali Express has seen quite amazing results with PWA, enjoying 104% of user conversion rate, with relatively high profit, and reduced the amount of work to for user conversion. Aliexpress PWA


Uber has taken PWA quite serious and made their services for their customers convenient and comfortable.

Uber PWA

All these success stories are quite convincing. Isn’t it?

For more success and mind-blowing stories, check PWA Stats.


A platform to connect to a community – Twitter, adopted PWA and now they experience best of everything.

Nicolas Gallagher, the Engineering Lead for Twitter Lite, notes:

“Twitter Lite is now the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable way to use Twitter. The web app rivals the performance of our native apps but requires less than 3% of the device storage space compared to Twitter for Android.”

Twitter PWA

For more insight check out these case studies.

Final Thoughts on PWA

Progressive Web Apps are a complete package in itself. Reliability, fast loading, push notifications, offline availability, user engagement and high conversion rates, these are some of the features that make it worth to give PWA a shot.

Many businesses are reaching sky heights through PWA approach.

It’s time for you to take a step ahead and boost your business!

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