Top 10 Most Youngest Fathers in the World History Ever

We all have different ways through which we have to live our lives. There are certain people in our lives whose presence matters the most.

Apart from getting endless love from mother and having kisses full of love, there is another person whose presence completes our life.

That’s the father of course. His love and compassion paves our ways. He is the number one guide among all of the other people in our lives. He knows where we stand. He is always there to vanish our weaknesses and makes us strong to face the different colors of our lives.

Well, no matter what father is our best companion.

This blog will help you to find out some of the youngest fathers of this world. They were always there with their kids regardless of their young age.

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Starting from number Ten we have a 14-year-old dad

This boy became a father in its fourteen’s. Being a resident of the UK he got this responsibility of being a father at the very young age of 14.

This story does not end here, he is also the youngest grandfather as his daughter gave birth to a kid. He became a grandfather at the age of 29. Maybe he is about to hear the news of becoming the youngest great grandfather now. Well, who knows!

Youngest fathers in world

At number 9, comes a boy from Russia

This young boy was 12 years old when the news broke to him that he has become a father of a premature baby girl. It was July 12, 2010. So he now is about 16 years old and secures the 9th rank of the youngest father in the world.

Youngest fathers in world

At number 8, we have a 13 year old boy

This boy of Belgium became a father at the age of 13. This news broke in 2007. So this youngest father should be 22 of age. Still younger than the father at rank 10!

At number 7, we have a 13-Year Old Father in Britain

Just like another father who has been mentioned in this list. There is another one from Britain. He became a father at the age of 13, and you would not imagine in that picture that he could take care of his baby.

His baby’s face does not really justify that he can be the father that caught so much attention from the citizens especially to those parents living in Britain.

A 12-year boy secures the position of number 6

This younger dad from Zimbabwe became the father of a baby girl of Samantha. This news was disclosed when the baby girl was about 10 years old and it happens in early 2003’s. So this younger dad seems to be of age 25 now.

At number 5, we have a 13-year-old dad

This little kid belongs to Russia and became a dad at the age of 13. This incident happened in 2000. He became the father of a baby girl at Rostov-on-Don.

Youngest fathers in world

At number 4, there is an another 13-Year Old Boy from Britain (Alfie Patten)

The youngest dad (Alfie Patten) became a father at the age of 13. No one ever thought the baby could be about 7 pounds and 4.

Youngest fathers in world
Alfie Patten
Alfie Patten with His Kid' Mother
Alfie Patten with His Kid’ Mother

Alfie Patten

Alfie Patten with his father
Alfie Patten with his father
Alfie Patten with His Kid
Alfie Patten with His Kid
Alfie Patten Youngest Dad
Alfie Patten Youngest Dad
Alfie Patten Then And Now
Alfie Patten Then And Now

At number 3, we have a 12 old dad

Sean Stewart’s 12-year old boy became a father to Ben Louis who was born on January 20, 1998.  He is already in his early 30s now. Both he and his wife have parted their ways.

Sean Stewart Youngest Father
Sean Stewart

At number 2, we have an 11 old dad

A boy in New Zealand became a father at the age of 11. This youngest father secures the second rank at the youngest fathers of the world.

Youngest fathers in world

At number 1, we have a 9 old father

He became a father at the age of nine in China during the 1910s. These young father and mother have been parents of four children two girls and two boys now.

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54 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Youngest Fathers in the World History Ever

  1. Whoa, we’re any of these young guys ever held accountable later in life for producing a child? I’m sure the 12 year old boy mentioned the most , Carl Idar wasn’t due to the circumstances of he impregnating an older woman. Was he a lucky guy or sexually abused? It seems like he certainly didn’t walk away from the encounters due to him obligingly and sexually not to mention aggressively taking control of sexual encounters at such a young age as 12 years old.

  2. This is not true. Alfie Patten was found to not be the father a year later by DNA test. The father was actually a 15 year old boy. There mother is described as a dumpster bucket.

    1. Sure looks like young Texan Carl Idar did, a man in a kids body who certainly had the mindset and physical ability to get the job done!

  3. So at that time, did the mother go to jail or she stayed free?
    because this is bullshit, if the same thing happened in reverse it is called pedophilia but this is called “parents” I am calling this bullshit!!!

  4. I’m shocked and in total surprise that a 9 or even an 11-year-old could be mature enough se&ually to be a father. I didn’t think they experienced “so-called wet dreams” until around 13.

  5. I’m intrigued by Carl from Texas, I’m truly interested in his story. How did his life turn out, how many times did he become a father? I did google him, he’s pictured in front of a BMW, Nice looking bowl legged guy who still lives in San Antonio. I certainly don’t appreciate the fact that the woman in question was basically using this young man Carl as a donor for the sake of creating a child at his age, one has to admit what was this woman thinking about using this young fertile young man in such a scheme that affected two offsprings for a life time! WOW is right!

    1. what ever happened to Carl Idar, the young Texas boy who was forever forced into fatherhood at such a young ? How could this of happened, what ever became of the woman in question? How was this young man affected by this illicit affair? Boy, this is intriguing to say the least!

      1. Laws have obviously changed since the 60’s regarding a young boy who is basically asked or forced to father a child by an older woman as in the case of Carl Idar in 1969, but one has to wonder how such a young man can be so confident to perform like a grown man in order to impregnate an older woman? Sure a young man’s sperm count is extremely high at that age, was he just used because of this? Amazing story!

  6. That’s very interesting, in my country most of 14 years teenagers not even started to go to puberty yet they still have their gurly voice, is this bc they live in a poor country?

  7. In my opinion, parents should always keep an eye on their kids. They should not be very controlling, but they must keep telling them about the right and wrong things in a friendly way.

  8. Weren’t there laws to protect children from these kinds of actions such as the young man who fathered twins in San Antonio in 1969? I did google him and still lives in San Antonio, he grew up to be a handsome man.

  9. Please no no no… I feel disgusted on how young they are and already making a young girl pregnant. Get married first and commit. They should focus on studies, make money and mature first.

    1. I really enjoyed reading the article. It’s like an eleven years old kid having his own kid. This is something very strange and unusual.

  10. This article gives a lesson to the parents that they really need to keep an eye on their kids especially in the growing age.

  11. I’m surprised these boys are all young. How are they have children this young? I hope these boys weren’t forced to have s_x once reaching puberty. Like seriously, Congratulations for the kids, but it feels like the parents had something to do with it. It’s not like these boys didn’t have a choice to knock a girl up.

    1. Wow, this is something very unusual. I could never think of someone becoming a father at the age of 9. Very informative post!

  12. Well just gotta say I’m a bit upset cause at the top of this page it states that “They were always there with their kids regardless of their young age.” Like its something appalling that children became parents at such young ages.

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  14. Lina Medina is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history. She gave birth at the age of five years, seven months, and 21 days in 1939 in Peru.

  15. No repoerts of youngest fathers in the U.S. ?
    No reports of youngest fathers who conceived TWINS..?

    My son conceieved fraternal twins (girls), at the age of 14. He was 15 yrs old when they were born, October 3, 2016.
    Wonder if he could be a World Record…?

      1. And that’s exactly why her son knocked up some girl. Parents like her worrying about a world record. I’d be embarrassed for not being a good parent. Also, who ever wrote this article needs to proof read big time. So many errors it looks like a child wrote the article.

      2. I have to interject for just a moment,( I’m not standing up for this “Mother”, bc obviously she seems so proud of the fact that she is a “Grandmother”), We as society blame the parents way to often. We as Parents try Our best to teach our children right from wrong, to teach them appropriate and inappropriate behavior, to teach and show them a way to our religious relationships, and ECT ECT. My parents did a wonderful job with my siblings and I. We have children of our own now and we are trying our best to do the same. However circumstances of ONE of my sister choices of letting a man into her home happenend and she lost her children to the state.
        Sometimes it’s one bad decision, one choice one 5 minutes you leave your kid at home to grab a gallon of milk at the store. Your child’s at home and can do anything. Some great parents have even turned away for a sec and things happen. Let’s not blame parents, let’s blame circumstances, or society or rude judgemental people.bc that part of society is alot to blame as well. Lower class people can’t ever raise above that bc they are taught from birth which class to associate with, and where you belong. Let’s start showing them they can rise above that

      3. How does her son’s choice to have s e x equate to her being a bad parent????? People are so ignorant! Congratulations on the twins, I wish you the best.

      4. Why judge parenting in just a comment box like as if you had been with them to say things like that? Ain’t your parent teach you not to say unpleasant things to strangers ? Poor you.

      5. Carl Idar of San Antonio fathered a child( twin boys) at the age of twelve in 1969, twins were born while he was still twelve,,it’s not a case of bad parenting but the choice of a 31 year old woman who desperately wanted children, this young man granted her wish.

      6. Dear Stu,

        To me this does not appear as a 31 year old woman’s wish came true…but a case of paedophilia. However, we cannot say anything clearly about it

      7. The article topic is very different and interesting. I could never think of a 9-10 years old kid to be a father. This is very surprising.

      8. Amy, very true! Carl was 12 at the time and lived 2 houses down from the lady in question. Carl was handpicked out of all the boys in the neighborhood-based solely on his good looks. The relationship lasted for many months and probably started when this young man was only 11. This lady left town in shame before she gave birth and Carl was basically patted on the back for performing like a horse out to stud at such a young age. Funny how society damns one and congratulations are still coming his way when these facts are revealed.

      9. WOW, 12 years old! Amazing how Carl, a 12-year-old Texas boy can take on such act without any kind of relationship between himself and an older woman. Wonder how many kids he eventually fathered?

      10. I’m intrigued by Carl and his ability to father children at 12 years old when most boys at that age are confused about their sexuality! Apparently this young guy was grownup enough to know what he was doing and allowed someone who was older to guide him either down the right or wrong road, just depends on how one looks at this situation, WOW Carl.

      11. Does Carl Idar still live in San Antonio? How many kids did he end up being the father of? He apparently was sought after by women at a very early age for some reason! Every young man’s wish.

      12. What! He was 12 and she was 31? I’m sure in 1969 you could get away with things like this. What a mind set Carl Idar had when he set out to father a child at such a young age! I wonder how much this affected his life? Interesting to know that this went on many times before he impregnated this woman.

      13. On 2014, Chris McBride became a father at 11 by his nanny, Marissa Mowry, 23, in the USA. She was stripped of her parental rights and received 20 years in prison. It’s called sexual assault. A child that age cannot consent and she was in a position of authority. He’s sitting there in his superhero jammies holding a baby and quite a few of you seem to think it’s OK? Did I miss something? You should all be outraged not congratulating them. I’m not blaming the parents of these boys because they weren’t there when the act happened, at least it’s not mentioned that they were. The abuser (aka the female pedophile) is at fault. So, Chris McBride is now 17 and has a five year old son. He has given up a normal childhood to be a father. He is afraid to ask anyone out on a date because who wants to be with a 17 year old single dad. I think it’s all messed up and I feel like he is being punished for the nanny’s crime. I hope he is getting some much needed therapy. Maybe some of the posters here need some therapy, too.

      14. 9 years old father? This is so unbelievable. Thanks for sharing such informative content. Keep sharing more!

  16. I must say that the parents should be very cautious about their children and keep an eye on the activities of their children. This article indeed gives a lesson to the parents of young children.

      1. At that age, I was interested in playing dolls with my school friend and helping my mom with her garden.

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