Top 5 interesting facts about Cristiano Ronaldo 👦: You probably did not know

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is one of the most popular athletes and richest soccer player in the world, Ronaldo sets many records while playing for both Manchester United F.C. and Real Madrid C.F. During his incredible career. Cristiano was born on 5th February 1985, in Madeira, Portugal, a very small island off the western coast of the country. Dos Santos Aveiro “Ronaldo” was named after former United States President Ronald Reagan, who was his father’s favorite actor.

So you are interested and want to know some interesting and amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo “CR7”? Then you are in the right place because today we are going to share some of the amazing facts about Ronaldo. If you know any other facts about Ronaldo or you believe that we have missed any facts and we did not mention in our post, then let us know in below comment section, so we will definitely include those facts with your name and source. Let’s start with CR7’s Biography.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Biography

Full Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

Born: February 5, 1985 (age 31), Santo António, Portugal

Height: 1.85 m

Salary: 15 million GBP (2015)

Current teams: Portugal national football team. Real Madrid C.F.

Siblings: Katia Aveiro, Hugo Aveiro, Elma Aveiro

Parents: Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, José Dinis Aveiro

Ronaldo Interesting Fact # 1

Doesn’t smoke, drink and don’t have tattoos

Christiano Ronaldo Racing Heart Disease


The best Fact is that Ronaldo Doesn’t smoke or drink and he hasn’t any kind of tattoos on his body. (It is something very rare for Ronaldo’s level player)

As per my knowledge, I really don’t think so that there is any other athlete, who has Ronaldo’s kind of great habits.

He doesn’t have tattoos: Because Ronaldo donates blood twice a year and he does not want to affect that. (Another great fact)

He doesn’t Drink: because Ronaldo’s alcohol abuse problems were the main reason for his father’s death, also because he doesn’t want to do anything else that will affect his performance. And the same reason behind smoking that’s why he doesn’t do smoke.

“I am an ambitious player with only one objective: victory for my team”

Ronaldo Interesting Fact # 2

Was the amazing Player at the age of 11.


His first coach was Paulo Cardoso at sporting Lisbon. Paulo said, “At the first time when Ronaldo got the ball he just went past three players and at the end of game players gathered around him and they said he was a special kid.”

Ronaldo Interesting Fact # 3

Christiano Ronaldo Racing Heart Disease

Ronaldo Dont Smoke Drink Tattoo

When he was fifteen years old doctors diagnosed him with some heart problems. His heartbeat was more than normal (in medical terms he had tachycardia). That time he was playing in the sporting CP soccer club.

Ronaldo Interesting Fact # 4

Ronaldo’s can jump higher than the average NBA basketball player.

Ronaldo Highest Jump

Whenever he jumps, Ronaldo generates 5G of G-force on take-off (this is 5 times the power of a cheetah in full flight.)

Ronaldo Interesting Fact # 5

Barack Obama’s Salary & Ronaldo Salary

Ronaldo Salary

So you want to compare the salary of Barack with Cristiano Ronaldo? Ok challenge accepted be like a boss. In just 6 days, 9 hours, 17 min and 5 seconds only to earn what Barack Obama earns in one year! One more thing I want to add: Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer in the world still.

These 5 Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo’s are my favorite facts and the main reason why I loved him.

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