Top Golang Frameworks in 2021

Golang is the language of the future. Developed at Google by a team of developers led by Robert Greisemer and Ken Thompson. Golang is a language that is quite similar to the C programming language.

The Golang language has a number of distinguishing characteristics like it has excellent and automatic garbage collection from memory. Memory garbage collection and disposal is an essential aspect as it helps software and applications to use the most minimal amount of system resources.

The Golang language is a superfast language, and in practice, it has beaten almost every other modern programming language. Companies are nowadays looking to Hire Dedicated Golang Developers to make the best use of the language. 

Why Choose Golang?

  1. Super Fast Program Execution:

Golang is one of the fastest programming languages ever developed. Coming from the family of C programming languages, it was indeed expected to be fast, as all previous C programming languages have been blazingly fast. 

  1. Better Garbage Collection: 

Efficient garbage collection means that the programming language avoids almost all sorts of memory problems that can arise during the running of a program. Moreover, garbage collection also improves the overall execution speed of any software application.

  1. Platform independent code:

Golang, with its prepacked features, helps programmers to develop software that is vastly independent of the underlying OS. Most Golang programs can be executed on any OS, whether it is Windows, Linux, or macOS. 

In this list today, we are going to look at some of the best Golang frameworks for the year 2021.


Go-kit is a Golang framework that is primarily developed with a focus to create a framework that facilitates the development of microservices using the Golang language.

Go-kit infuses many libraries and services available in the Golang language, which helps it to build robust and secure microservices.

Moreover, Go-kit is lightly opinionated, meaning that you can change aspects as and when required to satisfy the needs of your microservice’s performance.


Fiber is a modern Golang web development framework that is pretty similar to the Express.js Framework offered in the JavaScript language.

Fiber is a highly fast web framework that uses FastHTTP for implementing the framework’s code. You should also know that FastHTTP is the most advanced and fastest HTTP engine ever developed in the Golang universe.

If you are a web developer who is shifting from JavaScript to Golang, and you come across working with this framework, you will notice that this Golang framework is so much like Express.js and other JavaScript frameworks. Also, the main motive behind the development of this framework was to make working with Golang highly easy for JavaScript proficient developers.


GoFrame is the most appropriate option for your projects if you are searching for an enterprise-level platform to use in your company’s potential projects.

GoFrame is a lightweight and loosely-coupled enterprise-ready Golang framework that can handle any sort of complex project requirements. 

GoFrame is highly regarded in web development too as it comes prepacked with session loggers, cookie handlers, template renderers, and also a powerful router. All these components are essential in building a great web application. 


GoCraft is another routing framework on this list. GoCraft is a conservative framework that enables developers to quickly develop and integrate scalable routing facilities.

Software developers can quickly build and code middleware with innovative features using GoCraft. Furthermore, the GoCraft platform comes preloaded with middlewares that make large-scale project creation smoother.

Developers are favoring the usage of the GoCraft framework wherever they encounter the need for lightning-fast performance.


If you are on the search for a blazing fast, highly secure framework for your Golang project, Echo is your ideal option. There are so many benefits to choosing Echo as the framework for your next project, as it also has an inbuilt HTTP router that has a prioritizing mechanism for routes.

Echo is a new website and web application development platform, so you can use the template engine that comes preconfigured with the distribution to render your pages. In addition, Echo offers a number of data rendering options. It supports data rendering from XML and JSON files, along with data rendering from HTML files.

If you believe your software should accept several file types for data rendering and all other data-related events, you should undoubtedly utilize Echo.


Gin is basically a small framework that has been developed for building and shipping web applications using the Golang language. 

Gin is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks ever developed for the Golang language. The Gin framework’s Github repository backs this fact and shows all the stars the framework ever has.

It is highly famous in the community as it leads the development of middlewares and makes it easy to configure them with multiple request handlers. Moreover, when developers use Gin, the boilerplate code is also reduced down, thus speeding up the development process.


Beego is a framework developed to facilitate API development and web application development in the Golang universe.

Beego is a full-fledged web application development framework and it supports MVC architecture just as other popular frameworks like Angular and Spring.

One unique feature why developers love to use Beego in large projects is that Beego supports Swagger which helps developers to create documentation automatically. This largely saves time as much of the development time is invested in documenting the features and code. 

We’ve gone through some of the best frameworks for the Golang language that have ever been developed. However, just like with any technology, each of these implementations has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, depending on the needs of your project, you can determine which framework the company should use. 

Furthermore, if you are developing large-scale enterprise-level systems that must be extremely stable and flexible, Goframe is the best platform to use because of its built-in features. Be sure you use all of these modules while working with Golang.

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