Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers With The Greatest Fan Following

Are you eager to know about the latest trends of entertainment in Pakistan? If so, you’re at the right place. Nowadays the sense of entertainment of lots of people has gone very wide. So they always look for new and interesting ways of fun that bring pleasure and liveliness to a great extent.

Coming to TikTok, it is an app for entertainment in which the users make short videos by syncing their lips with the background music or other sound effects. It has taken all the fun lovers by storm in Pakistan and throughout the globe. TikTok is one of the top-ranked apps and its number of downloads has exceeded 500 million.

Like other countries, TikTok is booming in Pakistan as well. The users of this app are growing tremendously in Pakistan. There is nothing wrong with saying that TikTok users are becoming stars and celebrities and they have a great fan following on TikTok.

Here we are going to update you about the ten best TikTok celebrities of Pakistan with great fan-following. You can check out the following list of the top ten Pakistani TikTokers.

1. Jannat Mirza

TikTok ID: @jannatmirza

Jannat Mirza on Tiktok
Jannat Mirza on Tiktok

Jannat Mirza is currently one of the most famous Pakistani TikTokers. She is just 20 years old and has got lots of fans at such a young age. Jannat belongs to Faisalabad and she has been an Arts student. But recently she moved to Japan for the purpose of higher education.

Jannat is a shining star of TikTok with 4.6m followers and she has got 54.4m hearts.

2. Pinky Francis

TikTok ID: @pinkyfrancis

Pinky Francis on Tiktok
Pinky Francis on Tiktok

This girl is a Pakistani user of TikTok who is rocking at the platform. She is UAE based. Pinky Francis makes different videos in which there are hilarious dialogues in Urdu. She also makes video clips that feature various songs. These videos are also very entertaining and people love to follow her profile.

Pinky Francis also loves making joint videos with her friends as well as other users of TikTok. These types of collaborations are equally amusing. She has 2.7m fans on TikTok and has got 38.8m hearts.

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3. Zulqarnain Sikandar

TikTok ID: @ch.zulqarnain25

Zulqarnain Sikandar on Tiktok
Zulqarnain Sikandar on Tiktok

Zulqarnain Sikandar is a popularly admired Pakistani TikToker. He makes funny videos on TikTok and entertains his followers. He is a creative individual and his videos are full of expressions.

Currently, he has 3.8m followers on TikTok and they are increasing with time since people love his videos. He has got 165.5m hearts till now.

4. Reeja Jeelani

TikTok ID: @reejajeelani

Reeja Jeelani on Tiktok
Reeja Jeelani on Tiktok

Reeja Jeelani is not only popular on TikTok, but she also has a great fan-following on other platforms. They include Dubsmash,, and Instagram.

People recognize her the most on these platforms because of two things. First, her lip-syncing talent and second, her makeup skills. Reeja mostly makes her videos on trending songs and dramatic dialogues. The number of followers she has got on TikTok is 502.2k and she has got 4.5m hearts.

5. Pir Ahmed

TikTok ID: @pirahmed

Pir Ahmed on Tiktok
Pir Ahmed on Tiktok

Pir Ahmad is another versatile TikTok star. His profile is full of slow-motion videos, dialogues and monologues video content. He always creates whatever he likes. This is the reason he is very popular among his fans. They love his uniqueness and his style.

He is one of the crowned musers. Pir Ahmad is following his passion and he is in the right direction. Pir Ahmad has 787k followers and he has got 13.5m hearts on TikTok.

6. Nouman Rizwan Khan

TikTok ID: @Bboyjonty

Nouman Rizwan Khan on Tiktok
Nouman Rizwan Khan on Tiktok

Nauman is very passionate about Bollywood as well as Desi music. Often times, he features his dance moves, emotions and on-point expressions in his videos.

Nouman Rizwan Khan has a verified account and his number of followers is 169.6k He has got 2.6m hearts on TikTok.

7. Ibrahim

TikTok ID: @ibrahimm007

Ibrahim on Tiktok
Ibrahim on Tiktok

Ibrahim is a combination of great looks, amazing wardrobe and excellent skills. He is famous for creating versatile content. It comprises of dialogues, monologues, fast music, etc. He has perfect timing that makes his videos flawless.

Ibrahim has 439.7k active followers on TikTok and he has got 6.7m hearts. His fan following is increasing day by day.

8. Anum Asad

TikTik ID: @Anumasad

Anum Asad on Tiktok
Anum Asad on Tiktok

Anum has a pretty face and an attractive personality. She has lots of videos that feature her out-class acting skills. Anum’s dialogue choice is just perfect!

Anum has got 1.2m hearts on TikTok. Her number of followers is 326k. She has also been featured in some of the well-known Pakistani dramas.

9. Yasir Hussain

TikTok ID: @hussain.yasir

yasir Hussain on Tiktok
yasir Hussain on Tiktok

Yasir Hussain is one of the popular stars of Pakistan. He is a multi-talented celebrity from Islamabad. Yasir Hussain is not just a well-know screenwriter, actor, and host but he also has a great fan following being a TikToker.

He posts lots of hilarious TikTok videos on regular basis and entertain his followers. Currently he has around 322.8k followers and he has got 1.2m hearts on the profile.

10. Noor Hassan

TikTok ID: @noorhassan17

Noor Hassan on Tiktok
Noor Hassan on Tiktok

Noor Hussain is another famous Pakistani celebrity. He is an amazing director, actor, and model. He entered the media industry being a Radio Jockey. Nowadays he is getting a lot of fame on TikTok for making funny videos and entertaining his followers. He has 763.9k followers on TikTok and has got 6.6m hearts on his profile.

And the list continues since there are lots of other Pakistani TikTokers with huge fan followings. Don’t forget to tell the readers about your most favorite TikTokers. Also, give their names and profile links in the comment section below.

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