Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

Property is a matter of necessity and a lucrative investment opportunity for everyone whether buying, selling or renting.  Pakistan’s Real Estate sector is composed of multiple estate agencies providing solutions to potential buyers. You must be wondering which real estate to go for? This is the most common question among buyers that are new in the market for property sale and purchase.

If this is the case, then you have browsed in the right direction because this article is going to address all of your concerns.

Here is the list of top 10 best real estate companies in Pakistan shortlisted:

  1. Bahria Town
  2. Zameen
  3. Chohan Estate
  4. ilaan
  5. Sirmaya
  6. Jagah Online
  7. Square Nine International
  8. Ahmad Properties
  9. Graana
  10. Star Marketing (Real Estate Marketing Firm)

Buying or selling is not just a matter of finance circulation but it’s about moving in and out of a whole new place including emotional factors, budgeting, etc. that are intangible yet effective to a great extent. Be it residential, industrial or commercial property for Sale in Pakistan all you need to look for is a ‘transparent and trustworthy’ real estate agent to guide you.

Apart from the top 10 list, you may want to dig out more regarding Pakistani real estate agents and their market performances so here is a list.

ZEM Builders ‘Trust’ is the main priority of Zeeshan Estate Management Builders. They work on both national and international levels providing the best customer care services. Long term client relationship building and investor-friendly approach enable the clients to approach ZEM builders with ease and convenience. Through the best use of technology, ZEM builders envision real estate solutions to be delivered efficiently.

Zameen Homes provides the best services encompassing vicinity payment solutions, digitalized connectivity and a user-friendly approach towards property queries. Zameen deals in all sorts of properties are it apartments, residential homes or commercial properties. By providing professional services at best response time Zameen has maintained a value-oriented appearance among its consumers. Zameen has not only pioneered the concept of bridging the gap between buyer and seller but also excel in maintaining its presence on the international level as well.

Jagah Online is a product of Hundred Alpha Pvt. Ltd that is a joint venture between Hatch Techs- a Dubai based company and E-Creatorz- a leading software house in Pakistan. It provides cloud-based real estate solutions for managing, listing and scheduling properties with user- friendly portal services to facilitate all the potential buyers with ease and convenience.

What is the best way of choosing a real estate company in Pakistan?

Once you get your mind clear about which real estate to consult, you must wonder why to choose this real estate? and what benefit does it have as compared to others?

Buying is not simple anymore neither investing, it requires keen comparative market analysis and a good look in market trends regarding plots and homes for sale in your desired area.

You probably need a few tips to start with:

Firstly, you can go to a ‘Cost-efficient agent’. It may include your traveling expenses, commissions and agency demands. Deal with the physique of your agent and never impose your ideas before their demands. Provided with the competitive environment, they usually put forth the most suitable services keeping in mind the market associations. This is the point where staunch dealing and experience works out. So, always consider your benefits alongside your requirements and affordability.

Secondly, you can go to a ‘Quality-effective agent’. Contrary to the prior one, this refers, to the quality regardless of being expensive to afford. There are different scales on which dealers are operating in the market in terms of their service quality. It may vary from person to person that what is ‘quality service’ for them. Few might take quality services as ‘affordable’ ones, others might perceive it as the ones which are more time saving and rapid.

People make no compromise whether it comes to buy a new home or land. Cashing market experience and effective guidance can lead to the best results for a consumer. Contrarily, efficiency disguised as non-transparent investment plans develops trust issues and ineffectiveness to the image of the real estate industry. So, don’t miss out on the mentioned tips while going for a real estate company or agent in the future.

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