2020: An overview of the worst year of history

COVID-19, as referred by the World Health Organization (WHO), has brought life to a hoarse halt. It is said to be the worst year in the history of the world. The pandemic prompted schools to shut down. Several events were postponed. The employees were working remotely. Moreover, people felt home arrest just to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Apart from corona, 2020 has given some other wounds that will bleed in history.

Worst Things that Happen in 2020:

Following are the incidents that made us think if 2020 is the worst year in the history of the world.

Australian Bushfires continued:

The cruel bushfires burned more than 46 million acres. The devastating fire killed more than 480 million animals, including mammals, birds, and reptiles. Unfortunately, 30% of the Koala population in NSW was burnt alive. Australians lost more than 3500 homes and thousands of other buildings.

Coronavirus Outburst:

Though the first case of Coronavirus was reported in November 2019, in Wuhan China. It became out of control in 2020. The sudden increase in cases and deaths in Wuhan gave head scratches to many scientists throughout the world. It seemed like a Hollywood film where a mysterious evil arises and starts eating human lives. Global cases crossed approximately 2 million.

This respiratory illness made people realize the worth of life, health, and freedom in life. The pandemic is still in action. Scientists are experimenting with vaccines, and the world is hopeful that we will soon get over it. Coronavirus will remain a nightmare for people who witnessed it and have seen their loved-ones suffering from it.

Death of Legend Kobe Bryant with others in helicopter crash:

The heartbreaking incident of the helicopter crash left the fans of the NBA in shock. The famous football player was a hearth robe for millions. He, along with his daughter and 8 others was killed on impact.

Huge Explosion in Central Beirut:

A huge explosion in the capital of Lebanon (Beirut) killed more than 70 people and more than 2500 were injured.

Flood in Indonesia Jakarta:

The flood evacuated hundreds of people and killed more than 70 people in Sulawesi Island (Indonesia).

Riots in Delhi (India)

The cursed 2020 also brought a violent wave of riots in Delhi. The extremist Hindus killed more than 53 Muslims, and several properties were destructed.

Turkey Earthquake:

More than 1600 people were injured, and 36 died in Earthquake in Turkey. The magnitude on the rector scale was 6.8 and had 400 aftershocks reported by the Turkey Disaster and Management Authority

Pakistan International Airline plane crash:

A passenger airplane PK8308 crashed near a residential area in Karachi, and 97 people died. The reason for the crash was engine failure.

Bollywood fraternity under shock:

2020 took three of the legends of Bollywood including, actor Rishi Kapoor, Irfan Khan, and music composer Wajid Khan. The suicide of the young actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot was also the talk of the town in 2020.

These were among the incidents that made 2020 problematic.

Happy Moments of 2020:

Let’s be optimistic and list down some happy moments of 2020. As lockdown also brought quality family time, restricted movements lead to creativity, men were seen washing hands after peeing, and credit goes to SOP’s been followed to contain the virus. Let’s dig into some more fun moments of 2020 to smile a little while saying good-bye to 2020. The list of the joyous moments mentioned below is not in any order.

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List of the happy moments of 2020

  1. Pets are happy to spend time with family. Many people are headed toward adopting pets.
  2. DIY’s were fun to kill boredom in 2020. People rush toward blogs to learn sewing, gardening, making masks, baking. Some were into online gaming and freelancing.
  3. Work from home is another gift of 2020.
  4. TIKTOK blew up, and TIKTOKERS became a celebrity.
  5. We realized that doctors and teachers are a real hero. Of course, homeschooling is not fun.
  6. Drive-by birthday parties, drive-by cinematic experience, and zoom parties were a new cool this year.
  7. Celebrities gave surprises to fans by live concerts and appearances.
  8. Trying recipes was fun in quarantine. Restaurants shared their secret recipes.
  9. The Birds are chirping.
  10. The highest voter turnout was witnessed among Americans.
  11. Africa was declared Polio free.
  12. Board exams were postponed and later all the students were promoted.
  13. 109-year-old women beat COVID-19 and gave the world a ray of hope.
  14. People rush toward making money online and becoming an entrepreneur. Bloggers with money-making niche and ideas to save money got some serious traffic.
  15. Stars and planets, that were hidden under smog became clearer.
  16. We enjoyed some quality content that went viral during the lockdown period.

Nature is Happy:

Well, it seems that considering the pandemic nature has ingeniously hit the reset button. Humans are set inside, and wildlife has started to make a comeback. The beaches are tourist-free nowadays. It let rare turtles breed in Thailand. Moreover, the penguins were seen wangling on empty streets in South Africa. Whereas,  lions, wolves, bears, and deer have been spotted in different parts of the world.

It seems that nature has taken revenge from humans who made the world polluted. We as a human feel sorry for what we have done to nature and pray that it may stay safe from the deadly corona and all the species that are already endangered may stay safe.

Well, that’s all from us don’t forget to add on your happy moments of 2020 in the comments below.