Best Tips to Improve Mac Audio Experience

Macs are computers with great performance. When it comes to questions of efficient work, fast speed, music, and other forms of entertainment, such as game apps that are constantly updated and have great graphics, Macbooks excel.

Talking about music, Macs represent many talented musicians who create music using the amazing tools that Apple computers can provide. Also, Macs have a great sound quality, which is another bonus to these computers.

More to it, the audio experience on Macs can be enhanced if you know a couple of tips and tricks that we are about to share with you.

Tip #1: Repair the No Sound Issue on Mac

When you strive to have the best audio experience on your Macbook and try to enhance it by using some tips, it is pretty disturbing if a mac sound issue appears. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can troubleshoot this issue.

First off, start simple and check if the volume isn’t down. Also, if you are currently using a specific app to play the music, like the Safari browser, see if the video is not muted on the browser player.

Also, try playing songs or videos on other apps to figure out if the app itself causes the problem. More to it, checking your sound settings and updating to the newest macOS might also help.

Tip #2: Change the Volume Pops Settings

As you press the volume control keys on the Magic Keyboard, your Mac will make a volume pop sound that indicates you are turning the volume up or down. From some perspective, it is a beneficial setting because it gives you a better understanding of how loud the volume is going to be after you have adjusted it.

On the other hand, if you are listening to music, playing online games, or have a great playlist playing during a party or as the background music during a conference, these volume pop sounds might be irritating.

To turn these sound indicators off, you will need to click the Apple icon at the upper left corner of your screen, choose the System Preferences option, go to the Sound menu, choose the Sound Effects tab, and uncheck the box next to the setting Play feedback when the volume is changed.

Tip #3: Change Audio Inputs

If you currently have more than one audio-playing accessory connected to your Mac, you will see an audio icon at the top right of your screen. Connected audio devices include both wired and wireless connections, such as Apple AirPods.

If you click the icon, you can manage the audio output selection and choose the one you want to use at the moment. It is easily done with audio outputs but controlling the audio inputs requires a little bit more effort.

To manage the audio input selection, click the audio icon, and press down the Option key at the same time. Doing this will place the audio output selection at the top instead of the volume control slider. Just under the option of outputs, now you will be able to see the selection of inputs as well.

Tip #4: Adjust Volume

If you want to adjust the volume on your Mac, it is most likely that you use volume keys on your Magic Keyboard because this is the fastest way to do it. On the other hand, adjusting the volume by using the keyboard makes the volume selection less narrow because it has only 16 settings.

To set the volume to a more specific setting that is between those 16 points that the keyboard keys offer you, use the icon in the menu bar. If you do not see the icon, you can enable it in the Sound Preferences menu, and it will be located at the top right corner of Mac’s screen.

More to it, you can use the narrowed down sound setting while still using the keyboard if you press the volume keys while holding down the Shift + Option combination at the same time.

Tip #5: Play With the Music Equaliser

If you would launch the Music app on your Mac and choose the Window option from the top menu, you would find the Equalizer. There are a few options you can play with in the Equalized menu.

First of all, you can choose between various preset options and find the best ones to apply to high-quality music tracks. Secondly, you can move the frequency sliders by yourself to change up the decibels. When you are done with your adjustments, simply check the box next to the On option at the top left corner of the window.

Tip #6: Use the Sound Enhancer

What a Sound Enhancer can do is increase the range of the stereo effect. It is done by adjusting treble and bass responses. To activate the Sound Enhancer, go to the Music app, click Music, then choose Preferences, and click Playback.

Take a look if the Sound Enhancer is selected or not. If not, select it, and you can start modifying its settings by dragging the slider.