Desktop Backgrounds for Different People and Different Tastes

What if everything had been plain white? No other color, no pictures, just white? Things would have been boring then. Vibrant colors add excitement to life and make you feel alive, be it the color of your walls, your dresses or your desktop. And when combined with an image, things start appearing even better.

Colorful desktop backgrounds are digital images that are used as decorative items to beautify your desktop. These images, either still or live, make your desktop look lively and fantastic. You can upload all sorts of pictures as your background, be it of a lake, a beautiful landscape, sky-soaring building, or any other thing. Its best part is that you can personalize your desktop by uploading your own picture so that whoever uses your laptop knows who the laptop belongs to.

Brief History of Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds have been given a lot of names since they were created. They are called wallpapers, backgrounds, displays, and a lot more. However, the most commonly used word wallpaperis derived from Microsoft Windows.

Desktop backgrounds have been used since 1975. Named as Officetalk, it was a trial system launched by XeroxPAC. Since it was the first wallpaper to be presented, it had only gray dots similar to that of a dot matrix. Wallpapers in those years were only black, white, and gray in color as there were no color monitors available.

Soon after color monitors came into the market, good pictures with high-quality pixels gained popularity. These days, three-dimensional images are seen as desktop wallpapers, making the screen look livelier than ever.

Microsoft Windows XP Default Desktop Background

Those who have used Microsoft Windows must have seen its default wallpaper known as Bliss”. Controversies of it being fake hold no reality as the picture, clicked by Charles ORear in 1996, is that of Sonoma County, California. Later the photographer sold the photo to Microsoft before showing it to anyone else, which the company found to be the best for their desktops.

The Most Downloaded Desktop Backgrounds (Both Drawings and Photographs)

1. Spring Reflections

The wallpaper pictures a pond reflecting the surrounding beauty in the transparent water. The area encircling the pond shows huge trees and fresh, colorful flowers, all of which appear to be quite natural and mesmerizing.

2. Dragon Battle

The wallpaper shows two dragons engrossed in a terrible fight with a captain shown between them. The captain has a longbow in his hand, which he aims at one of the dragons.

3. Pets in Harmony

The painting shows pets including various dogs, cats, rabbits and parrots together with each other in peace and harmony.

4. Night Beach

Picture of a beach taken during sunset has also been one of the most downloaded backgrounds. The sandy beach with its water reflecting the rays of the setting sun can be described as the perfect picture.

5. Dolphins

This very painting by David Miller shows numerous dolphins and other tropical fishes swimming in the deep blue ocean.

6. Romans 15:13

This is a real picture taken by Robert Fulton Abernethy. There is a verse inscribed on the top right corner of the picture, which reads:

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

7. Fantasy Sky

The wallpaper pictures sun rays flashing through the thick gray clouds casting multicolored shadows below.

8. Enchanted Sky

This breathtaking scenery shows a tree in the middle of a lawn while the sky being at its best, portraying shades of different colors.

9. Pooh Spring Garden

The picture is a good revival of childhood memories, picturing Pooh and Piglet all happy in their garden, having planted a tree.

10. Colorful World

The background shows the underwater world with colorful fishes swimming in the blue water.

This is how desktop backgrounds have evolved, and now can be seen on almost every computer and laptop screen. People with different tastes use different backgrounds according to their personality, so these wallpapers make the desktops screen look beautiful and classy at the same time.

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1155 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Why-So-Serious-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Why So Serious Desktop Wallpaper" width="920" height="575" />


Why So Serious Desktop Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1154" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Tangled-Disney-HD-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Tangled Disney HD Desktop Wallpaper" width="960" height="540" />


Tangled Disney HD Desktop Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1153 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Racing-Animated-Cars-Desktop-Background.jpg" alt="Racing Animated Cars Desktop Background" width="900" height="506" />


Racing Animated Cars Desktop Background

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1152 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Mountain-Nature-with-Sunset-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Mountain Nature with Sunset Wallpaper" width="920" height="518" />


Mountain Nature with Sunset Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1151 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/monsters-university-animated-cartoon-wallpaper.jpg" alt="monsters university animated cartoon wallpaper" width="900" height="504" />


monsters university animated cartoon wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1146 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Green-Windoes-7-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Green Windows 7 Wallpaper" width="900" height="563" />


Green Windows 7 Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1147 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Haker-Pirates-Skull-Desktop-Wallpaper.png" alt="Haker Pirates Skull Desktop Wallpaper" width="924" height="621" />


Haker Pirates Skull Desktop Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1148 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Happy-Valentines-Day-Heart-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Happy Valentines Day Heart Wallpaper" width="900" height="568" />


Happy Valentines Day Heart Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1149 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Latest-3D-Nature-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Latest 3D Nature Wallpaper" width="920" height="575" />


Latest 3D Nature Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1150 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Latest-Gaming-Action-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Latest Gaming Action Wallpaper" width="924" height="578" />


Latest Gaming Action Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1145 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Friendship-HD-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Friendship HD Wallpaper" width="924" height="520" />


Friendship HD Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1144" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Disney-Frozen-Animated-Wallpaper-300x188.jpg" alt="Disney Frozen Animated Wallpaper" width="900" height="563" />


Disney Frozen Animated Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1143 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/classy-wallpaper-for-girl-with-car.jpg" alt="classy wallpaper for girl with car" width="960" height="600" />


classy wallpaper for girl with car

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1142 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Butterfly-Full-HD-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Butterfly Full HD Wallpaper" width="920" height="518" />


Butterfly Full HD Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1141 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Avril-Lavigne-Singer-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Avril Lavigne Singer Wallpaper" width="920" height="575" />


Avril Lavigne Singer Wallpaper

<img decoding="async" class="wp-image-1140 size-full" src="https://discoversoon.test/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Artistic-Animated-Cycle-Boy-Wallpaper.jpg" alt="Artistic Animated Cycle Boy Wallpaper" width="960" height="600" />


Artistic Animated Cycle Boy Wallpaper