Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Charter Spectrum

Charter Communications is one of the fastest ISP and telecommunication organization which aims to provide cable services in the United States of America. Charter Communications recently merge with Time Warner and Bright House Networks with a new brand name called Charter Spectrum. Charter delivers its service in more than 40 states of America serving almost 26 million people. Charter provides cable services in three categories which are cable TV, high-speed internet, and voice communication service.

Cable TV services and its features:

People in the USA love to watch TV, and mainly they want to watch the shows and movies that they desire according to their own suitable time. Most of the cable service providers do not give this kind of leverage, and thats why people have to watch whatever it is showing on the TV. Charter cable TV service provides access to high-end programming channels with HD quality picture for an enhanced viewing experience. More than 200 local and premium channels are available to get the best entertainment.

On-Demand feature:

With thousands of On-Demand choices, everyone can have access to a vast database of multiple shows and movies. You can watch any show or movie whenever you wish on favorite channels like @Showtime®, @HBO®, and @Cinemax ®. Enjoy free Primetime On-Demand to watch prime time shows at any time.

DVR Service:

DVR (Digital Video Recording) service records multiple numbers of shows and movies to watch it later with your friends and family. You can record up to 78 hours of recording which is more than a whole TV drama series.

Super-Speed Internet Connection:

A good internet connection with a fair amount of bandwidth is almost a necessity of every household to stay updated with the world. Charter Spectrum Internet provides high-speed internet connection for its users to play online games or to watch online high definition videos. Its speed starts from 60-100 Mbps and goes max up to 940 Mbps which is fair enough to connect all of the household devices and to perform high-end internet related tasks without any speed deficiency.

  • Free Security Suite to protect your data along with the assurance of safe browsing
  • Free modem, free Wi-Fi router, and free equipment installation
  • No data caps so users can enjoy unlimited usage of the internet

Crystal-clear Voice service:

Having a smartphone is not enough to stay connected with your loved ones. Landline is very much essential for every household. Charter Voice service provides unlimited local and long distance calling to its customers so everyone can keep in touch with their friends and family all over the world.

  • More than 25 popular phone features like Caller ID and Voicemail
  • No contracts, no added fees, no hidden charges, and a 30-days money back guarantee
  • Free 411 directory assistance
  • Free 911 emergency assistance

The information served by this article will aid in choosing fastest, reliable internet services which will make your life more comfortable. Charter communications is good in terms of specifications, functionalities and pricing which create a dynamic impact on consumers mind when it comes to preferences. Its distinctive features fascinate consumer to utilize money appropriately and gain competitive advantage.

Author: Shizal

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