Over 15,000 tablets models available – Which one is right for you?

The era 21st century is an era of technology where technology rules and people are enslaved because of the technology. It the new business trend where peoples creative mind works and invent new technology which will be for the ease of other people. The desktop computer was the in-town business long before and soon it was taken by laptops.

Laptops become easier and more reliable gadget for many users that were once fond of a desktop computer. And now we have tablets, and these gadgets are getting much of the popularity in many of the areas of activates that is indulged by a human.

Lets say education, tablets a now in business for young kids or for teenagers and becoming the source of education for them that also include educational games in it. there is a versatility in tablets that are making it a demandable gadget for the people.

It has more and refined advantaged than laptop and mobile phone. People are more inclined towards fashion and trends and this is where the business of tablets starts. Small in size, perfect display and easy to carry makes it a fashion statement for so many people. Some people say screen of the mobile phone is small and screen of the laptop is big, here comes Tablets with the regular size of the screen.

How Tablets is the source of investment is because buying and selling tablet will help in investment. If I have an IPad and I want to sell my iPad mini for cash, then because it is an IPad, it will give me a suitable amount for it as Apple never cut down their prices.

People are more into comparisons and if I have an iPad and want to sell it then Ill sell my iPad after comparing. And even if I am not an Apple fan and I have a regular Tablet and I want to sell my Tablet, it will definitely give an amount that I can bear another one in the same price. same goes for online selling, that I want to sell my Tablet Online, it cost me a good bunch of money. So the tablet is a new way of business in this century.
Now the debate is why there is a need for so many tablets, why one is not enough. Models of gadget have always been the option for people. In this world, there are a variety of people with a variety of taste. Each person has their own taste and favourites than another person. This is why brands offer models and generation to the people so that they could touch each variety of people.

This is the very first reason why there is so many models of tablets. And why one is not enough. When you buy a tablet and after using it for a year or two and you encounter with a new model this is where selling comes and investment comes. If I have an Ipad and after using it for two years obviously I need change. Change has always been constant, people like change.

Whether its the change in our wardrobe or the change in your house or in your technology. Everyone like change. So I want to change my Ipad and want to sell my iPad 3 so that I could but a new one. This is why brands introduce multiple tablets with multiple models and generation.

Another reason is as the time passes, knowledge of any kind increases. Once you experimented with something, it will become the fresh new topic for the next generation. And this experiment will turn into a research and you formulate new knowledge and because of this inventions comes to birth.

Same goes for technology, as the time passes, because of previous knowledge experts, creates new research which helps them to create new inventions. this is why new Knowledge and new inventions easily take place of old knowledge.

Technology is like chewing gum. At first, it tastes sweet but sooner or later person who is chewing gets tired and wants a new one. So as the technology, at first it is fresh and new for the people and they enjoy it but after some decades or time, people need something new and fresh that will help to compare the old inventions with a new one.

This is why not only one tablet is enough and the world needs 15000 or more models so that they can choose according to their taste and mind as happy customers mean more money.

Another reason is the tough and hard competition between brands. Today world is ruled by technology brands where they are fighting with other brands to present themselves as the best and superlative.

By inventing new technology in new gadget is the only source of getting best and present best out of previous ones will help them to stand out amongst others.

If one brand is producing new gadget every year then each gadget has different generations and models because they want to challenge other brands and want to at number one.

If they have only one type of tablet lets say, then other brands will have a chance to get on number one.

This is the race of standing on the top of the world and this race requires models, many units of one gadget. Keep an eye on other brands invention so that they can produce more and more.

That is why not only one tablet is enough. As long as they are in the race keeping their brands alive and young. And making more and more money so that they could invest in new and upcoming innovative inventions.

Above mentioned reason states that there is a need and it is also essential for producing many models in order to flourish in the world. This is what keeps their customers happy and satisfied and this is what keeps their company popular and prevalent at a successful rate. That is why i advice all of you to buy a tablet which is right for you and easy to use.