Remote jobs for moms in 2021

While working from home has a lot of benefits, it can make life much harder for moms. With kids learning from home as well, it becomes harder to balance time between work, taking care of kids, and running errands. As a result, there are some jobs that are better suited to help you balance your time between all of these.

To help you, we have identified five different jobs you can do from home as a mom in 2021. These are jobs that don’t require hard skill sets, so you don’t have to worry about spending months to learn a new skill or technology.

5 jobs for moms at home

1. Data Entry Clerk

As a Data Entry Clerk you can work from home part-time or full-time. As a result, if you already have a schedule throughout the day and you want to add on some extra income, you can apply for these jobs and work when you see fit. According to PayScale, you can expect to make between $10-$20/hour  for this role. Check out the PayScale search page to see how much you can make in your city.

2. Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing, this is a great one for you. A great perk of freelance writing jobs is that you can do them at anytime of the day. Some types of writing you can do include blog posts, general content, articles, copyrighting, and social media posts. As a freelance writer, the pay can be upwards of $50/hour in the US, but this depends on your skills and experience. If you are interested in getting started, here are some resources you can go to.

  1. Upwork:
  2. Check out this article on
  3. Fiverr: Fiverr is a freelancing platform you can find paid writing jobs on.
  4. 10 Other sites like Fiverr

3. Customer Service Representative

If you are a people person, then a customer service representative might be good for you. For this role, you can expect to interact with customers over the phone or on a computer through chat. You can also expect to learn new Software programs and tools. If you have kids at home, we suggest looking for customer service jobs that allow you to provide assistance through chat instead of phone. This will help to reduce any background noise that could be heard through the phone. According to PayScale, you can expect to make a total pay between $22K-$46K/year in the US for this role.

4. Social Media Manager

As social media has grown over the years, it has become very common for companies and brands to have folks manage their online presence. If you are someone that enjoys working with social media and interacting with others online, this role might be a great fit. Like other jobs in this list, this is a great one you can do throughout the day. Sometimes you may have to do timed posts, so be aware of that. According to PayScale, the average social media manager salary is $51,440/year in the US.

5. Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) in 2021 can take on many forms. For example, you can be a VA for executives, teams, or individuals running their online businesses. As a VA, the work you do might depend on what area of business the person you are an assistant for works in. Some work you can do includes managing calendars, sending out emails, scheduling meetings, or even managing websites or inventory for E-commerce platforms. According to PayScale, you can expect to make median of $15.78/hour as a virtual assistance in the US.

If you want to find more online and work from home jobs, a great resource is FlexJobs.


in 2021, there are many jobs that can be done from home. However, in this blog post we have identified ones you can quickly get started with, especially if you are a mom. I hope you found these jobs useful and we wish you the best in your job search. Comment below if you have any other suggestions or ideas for jobs similar to these that other moms can do at home.